Friday, August 28, 2015

Double Date:

Doug asked if I wanted to go out for my birthday which is an obvious, yes. He checked if the Odom's would want to tag along, and very thankfully, they said yes. We ate dinner downtown at a newer restaurant. It is a diner of sorts and the three in our party all ordered breakfast for dinner, which I stuck with the salad and turkey sandwich. We ordered some doughnuts first and asked the waitress to bring us her three favorite kinds. She was not amused with our request and sat down a plate of three of the exact same doughnuts. We were all a bit let down and split the three we had.

We sat around long after finishing our meal talking with each other in peace. It was just one of those very relaxing, recharging, life giving conversations. It is amazing how much easier it is to talk with each other when we are not busy feeding four children and keeping them as happy as possible.

We walked down to a bowling alley for our after dinner entertainment. None of us are bowlers really. I somehow beat everyone else. And they were all really trying. (I think). At one point Doug walked back after his turn and got mad that the three of us were just laughing after each time he would bowl. Jon's comment was that it is comical how bad Doug is at bowling. Thankfully Doug is literally good at everything else he tries to do.

The next morning I literally woke up with a smile on my face thinking about the night before. It was just such a fun time together. And yet again, another reminder that we have so so many good people in our lives. These two being some of the very best.

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