Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bethany and Jack's Wedding!!:

Bethany and Jack got married a week ago. And it was about as perfect as it could have possibly been.

Except we did start the weekend out on a rough note. Henry threw up the day before we left in the line at the grocery store. I took his muffin away and threw it in the trash, which then caused Jack to scream as loud as his little lungs could scream. So that was a fun moment in my life. We woke up super early the next morning to start driving to Illinois and I woke up sick sick sick to my stomach. I knew what was coming (because I have the horrible misfortune of not being able to avoid stomach virus's). Sure enough about four hours into the drive Henry threw up for the last time thankfully and a few minutes later it was my turn. Pretty much the worst traveling conditions. I slept the entire way. Refused to eat or drink a drop. And thankfully by the time we made it I was feeling a teensy bit better. After going to bed at 8 that night, I woke up ready to go for the wedding weekend.

A family my parents knew were so gracious and let us use their home for the weekend. We had plenty of space to spread out and we enjoyed the pool, pond, and basketball court. Friday was full of pre-wedding prep. Hair and make-up practice. Making the bouquets. My amazing mother made all the dessert for the wedding (pot de creme). We also managed to squeeze in a pool party and a trip to Trader Joe's.

We had the rehearsal and followed by a wonderful rehearsal dinner at an Italian restaurant in Long Grove. It was one of the best meals I have had for a while and I think I could have eaten the mushrooms and the salad all night long. Sweet words were shared. And we got to chase a very active Jack around and around the tables. He was not made for 2 hour long dinners. Henry did great and ate with the Aunts and Uncles. He ate an impressive amount of bruschetta.

Saturday was wedding day! It started slowly with coffee and splitting some scrambled eggs. People slowly showed up at the house throughout the morning to get ready. Bethany was so calm and her excitement was so evident. The other girls in the wedding party were so special and they were all so easy to be with. The pace picked up as we frantically tried to get everybody ready for pictures. We headed to the church around noon. After some deli sandwiches and prayer we were ready to go get Bethany and Jack married.

The ceremony was simple and sweet. Doug played music. The chapel was perfectly filled with people. Bethany was glowing. Jack's excitement was spilling out of him. Watching them exchange vows and express their love for each other was a beautiful testament to the Lord's plan and faithfulness.

The reception was filled with cheese, olives, bread and crackers. Sparkling orange juice. Iced coffee. Chocolate covered berries. Family members were there that we have not seen for awhile, so it was so special catching up with them. I gave my first MOH speech and made it through til the very end without crying. We danced and held a very tired little Jack. Henry loved loved dancing with Dad. When it was time for Bethany and Jack to leave we all lined up and cheered and yelled as the got on a bike and rode off together as husband and wife.

It was really just such a wonderful, beautiful, perfect day. We could not be more happy for Bethany and Jack!

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