Monday, August 31, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Friday night the Crowder's came over for homemade pizza and salad. Henry was very talkative and talked about Wild Kratt's for about 20 minutes straight. Jack went to bed. After we ate we sat in the living room and watched sweet Corinne play with toys and watched Henry look for toys that she would like. We talked about buffalos, church, work, and babies. Pretty well rounded conversation I would say. 

Saturday Jack woke up a little too early and cuddled back up and fell asleep with Doug. I went and got a massage and a pedicure (thanks to a very generous and kind birthday gift). I walked around an antique mall for a while and headed back home to find Jack just waking up from his nap and Henry watching a show. 

We were all a little restless (and some were roudy) so we headed to the park. We got back in the car much more sandy, stinky, and sweaty. 

Sunday we put the boys in polo shirts for church and for some reason I just kept laughing every time I looked at Jack in his onesie polo. We forced a nap on Henry and Jack willingly slept. 

We ended our weekend with another pizza party (perfect weekend if you ask me) with the Odom's and the Jackson's. We had seven children running around between all of us but thankfully we have an older and wiser child, Cora, to help manage the wild crew. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Doug had soccer coach training on Saturday so I stayed home with the boys and thought it would be a good idea to organize my closet. Several hours later and a million piles later I had a clean closet. And Doug was home from his training. 

We went to get a few things for Henry for soccer at Dick's and stopped to eat lunch on our way home. Doug won a lunch for two at a local hamburger place by putting his business card in a fish bowl at the register. We paid 3.00 for Henry and Jack's grilled cheese. And the root beer was the highlight, again. 

Karen and I went birthday shopping at the mall in the afternoon while the boys slept. I came home with some fun new things and iced coffee for both Doug and I. I found the boys all in the backyard playing soccer. 

We had simple meals all weekend, turkey sandwiches, mac and cheese, left over from the week. I am finding this is our norm. I have zero brain cells by the end of the week to think about weekend meals. 

We went to the park twice!! I love love love having a great park just down our street. It is fun to walk down and spend a little while letting the boys get out the last of their daily energy before crashing for bed. 

Bath night on Saturday night and before the boys were in the tub, Doug walked into the bathroom and made the comment that the whole room smelled terrible. They sure now how to stink.

After church on Sunday we headed to Karen's for my family birthday lunch. We had taco salad and a yummy  granola fruit bar for dessert. Grandpa brought real peanuts for the boys to shell together. Henry was waaay more interested in burying them in the ground instead of eating them. Not sure where he got that idea. 

More naps and more park time to wrap up our day of rest. 

Double Date:

Doug asked if I wanted to go out for my birthday which is an obvious, yes. He checked if the Odom's would want to tag along, and very thankfully, they said yes. We ate dinner downtown at a newer restaurant. It is a diner of sorts and the three in our party all ordered breakfast for dinner, which I stuck with the salad and turkey sandwich. We ordered some doughnuts first and asked the waitress to bring us her three favorite kinds. She was not amused with our request and sat down a plate of three of the exact same doughnuts. We were all a bit let down and split the three we had.

We sat around long after finishing our meal talking with each other in peace. It was just one of those very relaxing, recharging, life giving conversations. It is amazing how much easier it is to talk with each other when we are not busy feeding four children and keeping them as happy as possible.

We walked down to a bowling alley for our after dinner entertainment. None of us are bowlers really. I somehow beat everyone else. And they were all really trying. (I think). At one point Doug walked back after his turn and got mad that the three of us were just laughing after each time he would bowl. Jon's comment was that it is comical how bad Doug is at bowling. Thankfully Doug is literally good at everything else he tries to do.

The next morning I literally woke up with a smile on my face thinking about the night before. It was just such a fun time together. And yet again, another reminder that we have so so many good people in our lives. These two being some of the very best.

29th Birthday!:

I had a birthday last week. And it was a great great day. I felt so loved and celebrated thanks to so many thoughtful friends and family. I woke up to a sweet birthday banner hung by Emily and Jack handing me a polka dot balloon. Doug had an early morning meeting so he was off. He came back by the house and asked if I wanted to go to breakfast. We loaded the boys up and headed to a new to me breakfast place. It was honestly one of the best breakfasts I have had in a long time. And the company was as good as it can get. 

Henry had school in the morning so I dropped him off and Jack and I ran errands. The weather was perfect that afternoon so we played out in the yard for a while after naps. Henry took pictures of me. We read books on a blanket and ate our snack outside. 

I made dinner and Doug brought home delicious cupcakes for dessert. I opened some gifts from Emily (a new book!!) and my boys (pumpkin spice coffee!! a new candle!!). 

Doug and I ended the night going out together (thanks to Aunt Emily!) and enjoyed a drink and a snack. 

It was a pretty perfect day! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Off to School We Go:

Henry started preschool last week and it has been a really fun transition so far. He is so excited about his new class, his teachers, and his new "adult sized" backpack. The night before he started we had a special celebration dinner. We will eventually call it our Back to School Feast, but since this is our first year ever sending one to school it was called our To School Feast. I wanted to make something special for dinner but decided we should just eat something we already had. So frozen pizza it was. I did buy juice boxes for the special dinner. We lite candles. Blew up balloons. And ended the meal with ice-cream and sprinkles. It was perfectly special for a three year old. 

During dinner we talked about school. Talked about what we hope and pray for Henry. And Doug shared stories of his preschool days. 

We picked a verse to pray for Henry this year. I used my minimal artistic ability to draw pictures to hopefully  help Henry remember what we are praying for him. (The next day, Jack grabbed the cards I had made and ran off with them. Henry chased after him, upset, and said "Jack those are so special to me. Give them back." )

Ephesians 3:17- 
Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in Him. Your roots will grow into God's love and keep you strong. 

He walked right in to his class on Wednesday and had a great morning. When I picked him up he told me he had a great day but "we didn't do any work.". He is ready to learn and ready to work. None of this just eating snacks and playing on a playground business. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Over the Weekend:

We had a week for the books last week. It was emotional and exhausting (Christa had twins. Hanna's dad is ill. Doug's job is demanding and stressful, etc). So this weekend we tried to squeezed in some breathing space. We had to be extra creative because Doug had to study for an exam all weekend as well but I would say we achieved our goal overall.

Friday night Doug sent me a text on his way home and told me to load up the boys and we would go straight out to dinner once he got home from work. We tried a new to us pizza shop. Henry took pictures of the experience. He kept telling us all to say "cheese" and directing us for pictures.

Saturday was 50% of children's clothes at Goodwill, so I made my way to two different locations and stocked Henry up on 4T clothes. (I found several great shirts and jammies but no pants. I think we are finally to the age of boys wearing out pants. Boo)

Grandma Naydene is turning 85 this week, so the ladies of the family went to have tea in a historic home. We had chicken salad, tea, and individual coconut cream pies. She is such a delight and so easy to celebrate. I am so glad I married into a family with such wonderful people to love!

Doug studied and studied and studied.

The boys played with (new) fly swatters all weekend. Pretending they were shooting webs out of them. I told Doug I am not sure what we are going to do once we have used them to actually kill a fly. We might have two sets of fly swatters around our house.

The highlights of church on Sunday were the french horn solo, the men's ensemble singing "It is well", and Jon's preaching.

Sunday afternoon I took the boys to the park and then to the kid's area at Barnes and Noble. We ate dinner. And through it all I honestly had a very bad attitude toward Doug's study weekend. He met us for dinner and we talked it out in the parking lot with the boys in the car both yelling "Come on, Mom. Let's go". We saw the humor in it and laughed several times throughout our conversation.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bethany and Jack's Wedding!!:

Bethany and Jack got married a week ago. And it was about as perfect as it could have possibly been.

Except we did start the weekend out on a rough note. Henry threw up the day before we left in the line at the grocery store. I took his muffin away and threw it in the trash, which then caused Jack to scream as loud as his little lungs could scream. So that was a fun moment in my life. We woke up super early the next morning to start driving to Illinois and I woke up sick sick sick to my stomach. I knew what was coming (because I have the horrible misfortune of not being able to avoid stomach virus's). Sure enough about four hours into the drive Henry threw up for the last time thankfully and a few minutes later it was my turn. Pretty much the worst traveling conditions. I slept the entire way. Refused to eat or drink a drop. And thankfully by the time we made it I was feeling a teensy bit better. After going to bed at 8 that night, I woke up ready to go for the wedding weekend.

A family my parents knew were so gracious and let us use their home for the weekend. We had plenty of space to spread out and we enjoyed the pool, pond, and basketball court. Friday was full of pre-wedding prep. Hair and make-up practice. Making the bouquets. My amazing mother made all the dessert for the wedding (pot de creme). We also managed to squeeze in a pool party and a trip to Trader Joe's.

We had the rehearsal and followed by a wonderful rehearsal dinner at an Italian restaurant in Long Grove. It was one of the best meals I have had for a while and I think I could have eaten the mushrooms and the salad all night long. Sweet words were shared. And we got to chase a very active Jack around and around the tables. He was not made for 2 hour long dinners. Henry did great and ate with the Aunts and Uncles. He ate an impressive amount of bruschetta.

Saturday was wedding day! It started slowly with coffee and splitting some scrambled eggs. People slowly showed up at the house throughout the morning to get ready. Bethany was so calm and her excitement was so evident. The other girls in the wedding party were so special and they were all so easy to be with. The pace picked up as we frantically tried to get everybody ready for pictures. We headed to the church around noon. After some deli sandwiches and prayer we were ready to go get Bethany and Jack married.

The ceremony was simple and sweet. Doug played music. The chapel was perfectly filled with people. Bethany was glowing. Jack's excitement was spilling out of him. Watching them exchange vows and express their love for each other was a beautiful testament to the Lord's plan and faithfulness.

The reception was filled with cheese, olives, bread and crackers. Sparkling orange juice. Iced coffee. Chocolate covered berries. Family members were there that we have not seen for awhile, so it was so special catching up with them. I gave my first MOH speech and made it through til the very end without crying. We danced and held a very tired little Jack. Henry loved loved dancing with Dad. When it was time for Bethany and Jack to leave we all lined up and cheered and yelled as the got on a bike and rode off together as husband and wife.

It was really just such a wonderful, beautiful, perfect day. We could not be more happy for Bethany and Jack!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Friday we had dinner out to celebrate a big milestone Doug hit at work. We ate pizza, salad, and bread and had to tell the boys only about a million times to stop climbing around the booth. Jack fought going to bed but then around 10 threw up everything he had eaten. But he seemed to be much better after that and fell back to sleep. 

Saturday we were all still on edge trying to see if Jack was still sick, so we hung around the house in the morning to make sure he was really better. We worked in the yard while Jack napped. Ate lunch and then I took a nap by myself! We had errands to run (oil change in car, hair cut for Henry, buy diapers at Sam's) in the afternoon and came home to eat dinner. I struggle to cook in the summer because it is so hot!! So for dinner we had bun-less (apparently I also struggle to grocery shop) hotdogs. Doug's poor look on his face when he saw what dinner was. 

Saturday evening made up for it when the Sullivan's came over with fancy chocolate and wine. We did taste tests of the truffles and decided they were all good but thought that we might all start sweating from chocolate overdose. We had a great time just spending the evening together. All the children were either sleeping or with grandparents so it was really fun just being the four of us. Doing anything kid-less is like a treat but add in everything else and it was a luxury. Such a relaxing and enjoyable evening. 

Sunday we ate pancakes. Headed to church. Naps in the afternoon. And then we had a family water balloon fight. We all ended up in our tiny alligator pool together. Henry told me I am his favorite person to swim with. Jack kept saying "ack's" with every water balloon Doug made claiming them all as his own. We dried off and changed into jammies. Doug made fried egg sandwiches. Doug caught up with Greg on the phone while I watched a zoo animal movie with the boys.