Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our Wednesday Night:

We ate pizza and Italian salad. I cleaned out the whole bowl even though I slightly over dressed it. I used this recipe and I would highly recommend it. I used toasted almonds instead of sunflower seeds because it was what I could find quickly and easily in the bulk bins before the boys rushed the muffins case to get their snack.

For the pizza I had all the intentions in the world to just make pepperoni but it was three dollars more expensive then capicola. And to be completely honest, I don't even really know what capicola is. But it tasted very yummy and was cheaper!! A win in my book.

Doug fixed our broken mower. With two helpers. At one point I asked Henry if he wanted to come inside and he quickly said "No, mom. I am just going to stay out here and help Dad with the mower." Alright, son.

The boys jumped in the pool in their clothes and ran around wild. Getting a million bug bites in the process, but they really don't seem to ever phase them.

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