Friday, July 31, 2015

Movie Date:

They had a "Wes Anderson Experience" night here at a local art museum and Doug and I were able to sneak away and go together. I wore a new to me dress and Doug noticed (which does not always happen). We ate sandwiches before getting to the park. We found our seats and then we proceeded to sweat our bottoms off. It was so hot (the heat index was 106), I had to remind myself to not let the unbearable heat ruin our time together. I think I did an okay job overall.

They had live music (which was actually quite terrible. but laughably terrible, so that makes it better) and food trucks and a costume contest. A friend of Wes Anderson's was the guest speaker. He talked through a short film he had made about Wes Anderson and his films. We watched that and it was much much better than the music and the heat. By the time he was done speaking, Doug and I were also done for the night. We packed our chairs and left before they even started playing the movie.

On our way to the car we passed a group of people that asked if they lawn was full and if that was why we were already leaving. I told them we were leaving because we are old and needed to get to bed since it was already past 9. They laughed and I am sure found a good seat. Maybe even our vacant little spot we left.

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