Friday, July 31, 2015

Baseball Game with our Oldest:

Doug and I took Henry to a baseball game a while back. We put his car seat in Doug's car and went downtown (one of Henry's favorite places). On the ride he asked where Jack was and told us that he missed him. We tried to emphasize just how fun it was to be going to do something with just Mom and Dad, but he was not easily swayed.

Doug parked the car and Henry and I got tickets. All he really wanted was popcorn (and Jack) but mainly popcorn. It was so hot at the beginning of the game and our seats were right in the sun, so Henry and I walked around a bit up in the shade. We got our popcorn and frozen lemonade and headed back to our seats. Overall, I would say he did a good job. Baseball is not the most exciting sport for a toddler to watch so we did have lots of trips to the bathroom and the look at the mascot, etc. But really not to be for a three year old.

They had fireworks after the game and Henry was pretty worried after the first one went off but he looked at our faces and we quickly convinced him they were fun. He loved seeing them "all over our whole heads". Which they really were so big and so close.  We had a late night drive back and on the way home he told us he was excited to get home and he wanted to go check on Jack. I have a feeling as he gets a little bit older these "Henry only" times will be more special to him. But for now, I sure do love the sibling love he has for Jack.

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