Friday, June 26, 2015

Zoo Night:

Emily's church had a free zoo night and she invited us to join her. Dinner was a bit rushed. It was soo hot in our house. The family moral was not at a high level. To be honest, I think most of the adults in the group were just going out of obligation because maybe a certain toddler had already been told we were going to the zoo after dinner.

Once we got to the zoo though all the stress faded away and we really had a wonderful time. Even though it was still hot, it was not unbearable. We looked at some animals. And since we were there in the evening lots of the animals were out and about moving around. Except for the lion. He was snoozing so hard. We could only see his snout peeking out from his comfy bed cage.

The boys had the best time. The highlight was touching the goats. And then watching Doug herd our little ones out of the petting zoo. The evening ended with a (free!) train ride and a (free!) ride on the carousel. The train was loved by all. The carousel was enjoyed by all except Jack. He was not so sure.

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