Monday, June 22, 2015

Sacred Sunday's:

The years we were living at camp we were never able to get actively involved in a local church. Doug worked the majority of weekends. If he was not working we were generally escaping camp and leaving town. And the handful of times we did go to church we attended a smaller church and were pretty disconnected because we were never able to attend. After nearly five years of this we were feeling the ache. Feeling the need for the body. Feeling the need for consistent worship with other believers.

We visited several churches once we moved and landed at the church that Doug and I both knew deep down we would end up in. My biggest hang-up was the size. It has over 8,000 members. Like the size of my town growing up. But we love the leadership, the boys love their classes and we are impressed with all that they do, and we have been working on establishing community within the very large church.

Last week after we left church I noticed Doug and I were both just grinning. So happy. Doug even said something along the lines of "It feels so good being able to go to church each Sunday". And I echoed that.

Sunday's have become a very sacred day in our week. The day we look forward to the most in our week. Starting with blueberry pancakes and the Target ad and an extra cup of coffee. Then worshipping and being together with believers. Sunday lunch is always a quick one since we are determined to get family naps. The afternoons are slow. Dinner is sometimes alone with just our family or having friends over for pizza. Family walks around the neighborhood often happen after dinner. The boys go to bed. Doug and I compare schedules for our upcoming weeks and have a general "check-in" time with each other. And off to bed.

The sacredness comes in the togetherness. Togetherness as a family. Togetherness worshipping our God. Togetherness with other believers. Togetherness with close friends. It is a day in our week devoted to focusing on those things that are most important in our lives. Our sacred Sunday's.

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