Monday, June 29, 2015

Father's Day:

I am realizing more and more that I truly love to celebrate. Even little things. And even those "hallmark holidays". Father's Day is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. I love celebrating the Dad the Doug is to my boys. And celebrating our own dads who have both played such a huge role in who we are today.

On to this year's celebration.

The night before Father's day, Henry and I were talking about what we could do for Doug. Henry's first idea was to make his usual Sunday pancake into the shape of a wolf "because that is Dad's favorite animal". So the next morning we gave it our all and ended up with a pancake that looked like any number of animals that has four legs and a tail because wolves don't have very distinguishing characteristics that you can easily replicate with pancake batter. Doug had the perfect reaction and the wolf pancake was a success.

We got him a book, a shirt, and some shorts.

We went to church and then had lunch out.

We ate drip beef sandwiches for dinner.

And then we played in our backyard until bedtime. Being thrown in the air and ripstick rides for both of the boys were the obvious highlights.

I love the way Doug sprays cologne on our boys each Sunday morning before church because they both ask for it and want to be just like Dad. I love how him and the boys already have "man night" traditions that include Mazzio's pizza and salad bar and a trip to the park. I love that he comes to all of their well child appointments just because he likes to be there. I love that he has pictures in his cubicle of us and asks me regularly to send him pictures or videos of the boys that I have on my phone to show to anyone and everyone in his office. I love that he can calm Henry down in half the time it takes me to. I love that Jack's first phrase is "where is dad?" Most of all I just love that he is ours. Just the best I tell you.

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