Friday, June 5, 2015

Family Time:

The main reason for our trip to Montana was for Nick and Grace's wedding. But thankfully we were able to be there a full week and we had just the best and most family time. In our very large family it makes for very large gatherings. And in a lot of ways, our family is only beginning to really expand. 

Henry and Papa have a special bond. Before everyone else got there they spent a whole lot of time together. Papa took him to the dinosaur park. They ate doughnuts together. And they worked in the yard. Henry's favorite. I was asked several times every day "Hey mom, where is Papa?"

Gram would get up early each morning and sit on the couch with the boys flipping through this massive and so heavy animal book. It became a daily thing. 

Grandma and Granny and Grandpa were all able to make it! It was just so so wonderful having them all there. Lots of re-heated coffee for Grandma and so many wonderful Grandpa hugs and Granny chats on the swing. 

David competed in the state track meet and we were able to go. His relay team was not supposed to win but they ended up beating their rival! After some drama and them announcing the other team had won, but the coaches put in a challenge to look over the results again, and then they were announced the rightful winners. Who knew track could have so much drama? and who knew our cheering section would cheer louder the 50 seconds David ran than anyone else the entire meet?

We had a "Keena Originals" breakfast with just the nine original members. It was really just such a special time. We had figured it has been at least 10 years since it was just us nine. We got to the coffee shop early to make sure we got the one big table in the place. We each got pastries and coffee and passed our plates so everyone could try everything. We had lots of conversations going on at the same time. We encouraged Grace before her wedding. We took pictures. And some might have even cried when we prayed. It was truly a special morning. 

Henry played 'creature power' with Aunt Bethany. And little Jack and big Jack bonded. 

We went to the thrift stores, did grocery shopping, ate pizza out, played in the park about a million times, visited the bank Mom works at, took up an entire section at church on Sunday, celebrated David's high school graduation with pork sliders and blaring pomp and circumstance through the house, I borrowed mom's makeup and shoes, sat around the bonfire and talked at night, and we somehow still had time to get a sister married off. 

It was such a great week being at 'home'. 

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