Friday, May 15, 2015

The White Party:

We got fancied up and went to a charity event here in town to celebrate a friend's birthday. I was overwhelmed at the thought of making myself look presentable so I texted my stylist/friend forever, Hanna, and asked if she would come help. She did! And I will never know how she can get bobby pins to hold back my hair like this. 

We went to dinner first at a hibachi grill and it took forever and we were not actually eating dinner until 9:30 pm. Like the time I am generally crawling into bed for the night. We got to the party at 10:30. It is not really my scene. I generally tend to stick to library play areas and the bulk bins at Sprouts. But it was good. Good to be pushed out of my comfort zone for a night. Good to celebrate friends. Good to dance with Doug and do something out of the ordinary. 

We crawled into bed at 1:30 am and I think it took a full week for me to recover. 

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