Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nick and Grace's Wedding:

We just got back from a week in Montana celebrating the new marriage of Nick and Grace. We had just the very best time, as anticipated. Doug performed the ceremony and did an outstanding job. He challenged them (and all of us) to have a quality marriage and not just focus on the quantity or the amount of years together. The ceremony was at my parent's church and was followed by a cookie and milk reception.

We had a family dinner later that evening at an art center in Bozeman. At one point I went to the bathroom and came out to find Doug dragging a screaming Henry and holding a screaming Jack. Over the screams he told me was leaving and they were going to go to Wendy's. Someone deserved to enjoy the family dinner and so it might as well be me. We managed to talk through the screams and decided to beg the caterers for some food. She kindly offered the boys strawberries and bread and the moods improved greatly. We made it through the dinner without any other major issues and then were able to go drop the boys off at my parents house with a babysitter for the rest of the night.

We danced for several hours. Drank really great pour-over coffee. Begged the DJ to play Party in the USA. Laughed as Nick and his brother Matt did their dance. Bethany cried when a group of girls picked up Grace and a group of guys picked up Nick and they met in the middle to kiss. Mom and Dad danced but mostly just stood on the side and watched. Caden danced the entire time and got super mad if you asked him to join in. Pretty sure Doug and I had the most energy out of anyone there, because you take our children away for a few hours and new energy kicks in.

It was really just such a special day with so many beautiful moments. Nick and Grace have such a sweet relationship and it is going to be so fun to watch their love grow.

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