Friday, May 15, 2015

7 Year Anniversary!!:

We went on a date to a new restaurant. Doug got the shrimp and grits and I had a salad and mac and cheese. We sat and looked out the pretty windows and talked and ate. After dinner we headed to listen to our favorite local live musicians (they actually played at our rehearsal dinner) and had some drinks. More good talks and time together. 

The highlight of the night were the kind words spoken to each other. It is so easy to just move move move right on through days and weeks and years and we forget to stop, look at each other, and speak kind words over each other. It was a perfect moment and one I will not forget too soon. Marriage looks different now then it did seven years. A good different. We are in a deeper place in our relationship and needing each other more and in different ways than we needed each other in the beginning of our marriage. The team mate mentality is in the front of our minds daily. The questions of how we can help each other are vital and life giving. And the constant need for communication, care, and concern can get too easily pushed aside if we are not actively striving for these qualities in our relationship. 

On our actual anniversary Doug had to work late. As I was giving the boys their bedtime bath he came home with two bouquets of flowers. Doug is not capable of buying just one bouquet of flowers, even though that is perfectly acceptable. If I am not careful I worry about the money he spent on two beautiful bouquets flowers, when really he should probably not be buying me flowers at all right now. But he is so good to always celebrate. He is a generous giver and I see him give to so many others, I gladly received this act of his generous heart and love to me. 

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