Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our Really Really Good Village:

We had the play dates of all play dates a few weeks ago. We did not really set out to have such a big get-together but as time went on and people kept saying "we should invite..." before we knew it we had 10 ladies and 11 children and 2 babies to be born.

We had a potluck of sorts for lunch and cookies and coffee. The groups changed as people moved from room to room. Some feeding children. Some rocking babies to sleep. Some making sure toddlers were not eating rocks. We took turns holding each other's babies, snacked on sandwiches, and talked. As Doug likes to say "When a bunch of hens get together they cluck, cluck, cluck". So I guess in his words, we clucked.

People came and went as schedules allowed. The big boys ended up resting in our bed while watching a show and eating Cheez-its in the afternoon. And Teresa and W&E even joined up for heated up lasagna for dinner before hitting the road. It was a full day of fun and friends.

I know when I look back on this stage of life I am going to think of this group. These friends. These babies. These kids. And know that the only way we made it out alive is because of the love, support, and encouragement these friends have brought me and our family. It takes a village. And we have a really really good village.

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