Friday, April 24, 2015


- I attended a ladies retreat last weekend. And when Doug asked how it went I told him I survived. It really was good. The ladies were so nice. But for me, I feel like I survived a huge obstacle. The challenge of being in a house with a group of ladies where I barely knew anyone. It was a long day, but a good day. It is good to do hard things. Especially when it brings us closer to others in our community.

- Henry boy picks me flowers and a nearly daily basis. Jack wanted to join in the fun the other day and walked over and picked some blades of grass and gave them to me. Henry quickly corrected him and told him that he did not in fact pick a flower. But I told Henry that I loved Jack's blades of grass just the same.

- Every single morning, Henry brings in the Ipod and turns on Mewithoutyou rock music, turns it up as loud as possible and throws it on the counter and gets this teenage boy look on his face like "what are you going to do about it, Mom" and Jack throws up his rock fist and dances.

- Doug went on a baseball trip to Dallas with his coworkers for a night. He enjoyed the time with his co-workers and pushed through a pretty lame baseball game where they were cooking in the sun. He soaked up so much encouragement and wisdom from respectable men that are a few years ahead of where we are. He has been told "Just do the work" about a million times and that is what he is doing. He is working so hard. I feel like we have our head down and are just pushing through these hard first few years. I rest assured that one day we will pick our heads up and look around and breathe lighter and be able to see the fruits of his hard work and these hard first few years. I also rest assured in knowing that He knows our needs and if He is faithful to feed the squirrels in our backyard, He will be even more faithful in feeding and taking care of His children's needs.

- Sister Emily has been living with us since December and I am not sure the boys will ever let her leave. Jack gets the biggest smile in the morning when he hears her in the bathroom and toddles in to give her a big hug and watch her blow dry her hair. Henry loves how she plays hide and seek with him and talking her ear off about anything and everything. And I love living in the same house as her again. It has been over 10 years since we have and it has been fun being sisters as adults in the same town.

- Weekends have changed our lives. The consistent two days together has been life giving, soul enriching, and changing the dynamics of our family in a very positive way. Henry knows that Dad does not have to work on Saturday and Sunday. We go to church and are filled up and encouraged. We rest. We almost always eat pizza and pancakes at least once every weekend. We have togetherness.

- The boys and I have gotten into a good groove with our Mother's Day Out program. Jack and Henry both love their classes. Henry has made some friends and always informs me what the other kids bring for lunch ("Nile had black beans and hummus. Merrick had pillow sandwiches. Cora brings hot dogs and olives.") And the Lord orchestrated my class perfectly and I am in a class with two other ladies that we all click well together. It is natural and easy. And being able to be out of the house, have adult interactions, and get paid is pretty ideal. Plus no childcare costs and I get to see them all throughout the day really is a nice bonus.

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