Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thunder Date:

Yesterday around noon Doug called from work and asked if I wanted to go to the Thunder game that night because he had won an office competition for most referrals. We pulled together a very last minute babysitter arrangement thanks to Emily and a past summer staffer that we know. And we were on our way to OKC around 5:00 pm. I enjoy basketball and the Thunder, but what I really enjoy is riding in a car and getting to talk to Doug, uninterrupted. Especially lately, during this phase of our marriage that we have found ourselves in. Lots to talk about and talk through as we wade through massive life changes. 

We had McDonald's for dinner and Braum's for an after game snack. So you can see we really went all out on refreshments for the evening. 

We pulled in around midnight and I had horribly realistic dreams about being super late for work because I was so tired from staying up late. But no worries, Henry and Jack were right on que and sounded the alarms to wake us al up in time to get to work.  

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