Friday, March 20, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Friday night we had dinner with the Crowder's. We met at their house and huddled under umbrellas and walked in the rain to our dinner reservations. Sweet Corinne joined us and was so sweet and pleasant. We talked jobs, houses, kids, etc. A really fun night out with new friends in this city. 

Saturday Doug and Henry worked on projects. We got new cell phones. We ate coney dogs for lunch. Naps. And Doug and I swapped running errands while the other stayed at home with the sleeping boys. I went to the grocery store and Doug ran to Home Depot. 

I also had one of those sweet moments in life that was so simply beautiful and even a little bit breath taking. Doug was using the bathroom (hang with me here), Jack was standing in his jammies sucking his paci, and Henry was right there with this animal book asking Doug which was his favorite animal on each page. Doug not missing a beat and answering each time even though he was trying to do his business. I walked by the bathroom but just stood and watched. I don't want to forget that moment. In this stage. With these boys. 

Saturday we had the O'Hara's and Karen over for dinner because Greg was in town for like 2 seconds for a business trip. We had mexican food and tried to keep all the boys happy and not fighting. It felt like such a treat to have Greg here for dinner. It is always nice catching up. 

 Little brother David's basketball team played in the state championship tournament and we were able to watch it on-line! It was a fun game and a little weird seeing my brother on our t.v. They ended up losing a close game, but we were just so happy to be able to watch the game. 

Sunday involved the traditional service at church, leftover enchiladas for lunch, reading in the sun on the porch (I even got a little pink!), two pots of coffee, and dinner with the Odom's. Nothing too special about our evening, just really good quality time with some favorites. We made quesiadillas, Doug and Jon chatted while they threw a ball against our house and played catch, Jack & Sam ate a bunch of snacks, Emily chopped veggies while I shredded cheese for dinner, Henry and Libby sat under a quilt and watched a show together.  Nothing earth shattering but all soul enriching things. 

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