Thursday, March 5, 2015

Over the (Snowy) Weekend:

We had a snowy weekend and we only left our house once. I was super unprepared and meals were a little interesting at times. I am super thankful for the pizza delivery guy that brought dinner to our door Saturday night. It felt like such a treat. We made cookies. We stayed in comfy pants. Dad and Henry played in the snow. We watched church on the t.v. and Henry thought it was pretty cool to see Libby's dad on the t.v. We watched several Scholastic videos of different books. They are so calm and peaceful. We had so many block towers and so many moments of our entire house covered in everything! Doug and I watched Wayne's World on Friday night because, why not? Cuddles and naps and pancakes also played a vital roll in our weekend at home. 

Sunday evening we loaded up and went to Target for more milk and a frozen meal for dinner. The cold air felt good on all of our faces! Fresh air!! Outside!! 

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