Monday, February 9, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Doug was in Dallas several days last week at a regional conference for his company. Several weeks ago he arranged a one way flight for me to Dallas and reserved a hotel room for Saturday night. The days leading up to the trip were exhausting and long. For us both. My belly was so full of butterflies as I boarded my flight. I really love that I still get that feeling about seeing Doug after so many years together. 

He picked me up from the airport and we found great mexican food. We headed down to the hotel and checked in and took a nap! The hotel was beautiful and full of so much charm. It was built in 1912!! The elevators were lined in mirrors, the furniture was old and beautiful, and it had one of the most beautiful pianos I have ever seen in the lobby. 

We headed out for dinner and literally just walked around the block and found a restaurant. That dining experience was the worst of our weekend. Not horrible. Just not very good. We headed back to the hotel and literally sat in the lobby and talked for about two hours. The atmosphere was just so calm and comfortable. We had zero interruptions! And we enjoyed people watching all the fancies going to dinner and the hilarious middle aged women walking around taking selfies with an iPad. 

We walked down to the 7-11 and got a carton of Ben and Jerry's to split and headed back to the room. We fell asleep watching House Hunters and I am pretty sure we were both asleep around 10. We slept until 9:15 am!! Praise Jesus!! We headed down to one of the hotels restaurant for breakfast. I enjoyed the Texas Scramble while Doug enjoyed a corned beef hash. We paid more for breakfast than we have in a looong time, but it all tasted so so good. 

We loaded up and started the drive back after our late breakfast. We stopped in Ikea and found a rug for the boys room and Trader Joe's for the essentials (taco seasoning, harvest grain blend, crackers, ketchup, chocolate bars, and pickles. Just to name a few). Iced coffee was also consumed on the drive home. 

Hands down the best part of the weekend were our conversations. We are right smack dab in the middle of a huge time in our family and marriage so the time to talk through these changes was much appreciated. The sleep was also extremely appreciated. Good food, extra coffee, and not having to carry a 20 pound baby around everywhere for a whole day was also enjoyed. 

We were ready to get back to our boys (especially Doug since he had been gone several extra days). We brought stuffed foxes for each boy and some tea and cookies to express a very small part of our appreciation to Karen for keeping the boys for us.

So far this has been our very most favorite weekend of the year! 

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Ashley said...

I just want to post emoji hearts all over this! I am so glad you all got this special time together! And yay for TJ's!