Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Friday night we had dinner with Emily and Corinne Crowder (Chris was Jack was exhausted so he went to bed super early. But we loved meeting little Corinne and catching up with Emily.

I think Valentines day should be on Saturday every year! It was so fun having Doug home and doing fun love stuff together. Doug and I got to share coffee and bagels together Saturday morning. We also made valentines for Grandparents and the Odom's (which, of course, involved glitter). We wrapped the cards in chocolate bars and had fun delivering them around on Saturday afternoon. We had a romantic dinner at What-a-Burger with our favorite little boys sharing our booth. We came back and put the boys to bed and watched Crazy Stupid Love together. A perfectly simple romantic night.

Sunday we visited another church and came home to leftover pizza. We went and looked at a 'dream' rent house that we fell in love with (only to be told later that we were the third person to apply and would  not be getting the house. Sad day. But something else better must be out there...right??).

The Sullivan's and Goodrich's came for a taco bar potluck on Sunday night. We enjoyed the yummy food and watched the SNL 40th anniversary special together. Really just a super fun night with some of our very favorites. Such a fun stage in life passing babies, changing diapers, feeding kids, and swapping survival tips and stories of our sweet little ones. Ashley and I talked about how easy it is to be together and we don't even know what time it is and everyone eventually leaves when the babies melt and we are barely awake. Those are true friends. No such thing as really over staying your welcome with friends like these.

I woke up on Monday to a sink full of dishes and I was honestly so happy to do them. A sink full of dishes that people I love ate off of and a sign of shared time together. Sappy I am sure. But so true. I am so glad to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. Our lives are so blessed.

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