Monday, February 2, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Doug was working Saturday morning so we brought a picnic down to his office and enjoyed lunch together. We did see Doug's boss and he did extend the invitation to come take over the lounge anytime we would like. Even during office hours. Such a nice invitation, but I don't think we will be bringing our crazy up there when more than three people might see us. Henry did ask where the high chairs were and Jack posed beautifully for one of my new favorite pictures of him.

Doug and I went out for his birthday with the Odom's. They graciously shared some gift-cards with us and paid for our dinner at Texas Roadhouse. None of us really frequent Texas Roadhouse, but let's just say hundreds of other people do! It was a crazy house. But thankfully the Odom's thought ahead and made reservations so we did not have to wait two hours to eat!! After dinner we drove downtown for drinks and dessert. It was a much more cozy fun atmosphere and sharing desserts and drinks is such a treat. But the highlight was for sure the company. Another highlight of the night was Jon writing Doug's card in front of us but then casually slipping it across the table. So happy we share a town with those two now.

Sunday we all slept until 8 in the morning. Like a whole hour and a half longer than normal. I will just let that sink in...It was a sweet gift. Our morning also included blueberry pancakes, coffee, and the Sunday paper.

I dressed Jack in an outfit for church that looked more like pajamas than a dress outfit, oh well. We visited a new church. Then headed to Karen's for a birthday lunch for Doug. We ate drip beef sandwiches and tried to keep all the sleepy boys happy and cooperating.

The only nap that happened was a short Jack nap in our bed. Boo. Something as simple as lunch at Grandmas can still throw off the whole afternoon. Someday it won't be that way.

We declined Super Bowl party invitations for a night at home. We nearly drove each other all crazy (thanks to the no naps thing). But the boys did go down for bed earlier than usual. We watched the Super Bowl together and we were so so glad that we did not really care for either team. If our team had lost like the Seahawks did we would be so sad.

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