Thursday, February 26, 2015

Coloring and Toy Cabinets:

One of my favorite things is when Henry is really focused and in the mood to color. His creations are so wonderful. 9/10 when he is drawing with a marker he will draw a spider with a million legs. Most of the pictures he tries to hang on the refrigerator, but he is also pretty content taping them on any surface with a piece of scotch tape.

And God bless the toy cabinet. Any house I can choose to live in I will attempt to find a cabinet to stash toys. Henry even told me this was a silly cabinet for toys and I should put something else there. But it is the only place that works in this house.

And God bless these two sweet boys of our's. We are totally in love with them still and we find ourselves forever thankful that we get to be their parents. I was thinking tonight at dinner that Henry is really growing into a fun kid. Really truly, I would choose hanging out with him over most people. And Jack is getting sillier by the second and his smile and laugh is contagious. These little ones ruin us in the absolute best possible way.

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