Friday, February 27, 2015

Prayer for our Family:

I was reading a poem written by Josiah Holland that he wrote right after the Civil War and this was a line in the poem. It jumped off the page and I thought..that is my prayer for our family! Just eight small words, but so full of truth, purpose, and power. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Coloring and Toy Cabinets:

One of my favorite things is when Henry is really focused and in the mood to color. His creations are so wonderful. 9/10 when he is drawing with a marker he will draw a spider with a million legs. Most of the pictures he tries to hang on the refrigerator, but he is also pretty content taping them on any surface with a piece of scotch tape.

And God bless the toy cabinet. Any house I can choose to live in I will attempt to find a cabinet to stash toys. Henry even told me this was a silly cabinet for toys and I should put something else there. But it is the only place that works in this house.

And God bless these two sweet boys of our's. We are totally in love with them still and we find ourselves forever thankful that we get to be their parents. I was thinking tonight at dinner that Henry is really growing into a fun kid. Really truly, I would choose hanging out with him over most people. And Jack is getting sillier by the second and his smile and laugh is contagious. These little ones ruin us in the absolute best possible way.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2 Months In:

We are two months in to living away from camp. Like so many things in life, in some ways it feels like we left yesterday and in other ways it feels like we have been living here for years. Overall, the transition has gone much smoother than I had personally anticipated. Doug was so ready for the transition that it has not been 'hard' for him in the least. Which I think is such a good good sign that we made the right move at the right time. And I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy the transition has been. I had anticipated so many more moments of missing camp life. But really, nothing is better than a happy husband. And it is hard to hate life when Target is a mile from your house.

Our life looks so different than our camp life. And we are still adjusting to the new normal for our family. Doug is still working a whole lot and is away a lot. But he is loving his new job and comes home energized and excited. He could not have asked for a better company to work for and according to him, his co-workers are all just wonderful genuine people that are encouraging him in this new career. They also seem super fun. And to be honest, I just want to hang out with them also.

I am enjoying working at the Mother's Day Out program. The little paycheck is nice. But really the best thing is getting out of the house!! Praise Jesus. The boys do best when we are out doing things, so it is super nice to be out doing things and getting paid for it! I love the interaction with the other ladies that I work with. It makes the days during the week not seem so long and lonely.

Henry has never once, not one time, asked for camp or asked why we are living in here. In fact he has been the opposite. The other day we wrote a card for Doug and I asked Henry what he wanted me to tell him and he said "Thanks Dad for getting a new job and letting us move". I have honestly been shocked by this as I was for sure he would miss the dining hall, the jump pillow, the woods, friends, etc. But I think it is ,yet again, more affirmation we made the move at a good time. If Henry was much older when we made the move I know it would have been met with resistance and it would have been much more traumatic.

Yes, there are things I miss about camp. People really more than things. I miss walking to a friends house in the afternoon if the boys are going wild. I miss the sunsets and sunrises in the woods. I miss the salad bars and free bananas at breakfast for the boys. I will miss the summer staff when they all show up in May. I miss Charles and Dalton. And listening to Henry and Justin talk whenever we would go check our mail. I miss Teresa, Lauren, Cheryl, and Jennifer. I miss seeing their kids and seeing our kids play together.

But overall, we have just felt so much peace in this new stage of life. All praise and glory to God for that. For it is only through Him that we can have this peace and provision.

Over the Weekend:

Friday night Doug took us all out to dinner. We enjoyed Pei Wei and filled our bellies with noodles and veggies.

Saturday we had not one but two birthday parties! Henry was in party heaven. We ate lunch with Grandma and the O'Hara's to celebrate Jeanette's birthday. We came home and took naps and got rested up for party number two. We headed to the Clark's to celebrate Jason's 30th birthday. We enjoyed tacos and cake and had to leave early because Jack was barely awake by the end of the night.

We woke up to a snowy Sunday and no eggs in our refrigerator for pancake Sunday. Doug improvised like a champ and found out that if you let flax seed sit in water for several minutes it gels together and acts as a binding agent like an egg would. And the pancakes were perfect! After church we shared frozen pizza and headed for more rest. We ended up having to move Pop Pop's birthday party due to snowy weather. So we enjoyed an evening of playing together in the living room. We play the game Spot It junior with Henry about a month ago and he did not get it at all. It was actually super frustrating that last time we played. We pulled it out on Sunday and he blew us away. He is a Spot It champ now and beat me several times.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Friday night we had dinner with Emily and Corinne Crowder (Chris was Jack was exhausted so he went to bed super early. But we loved meeting little Corinne and catching up with Emily.

I think Valentines day should be on Saturday every year! It was so fun having Doug home and doing fun love stuff together. Doug and I got to share coffee and bagels together Saturday morning. We also made valentines for Grandparents and the Odom's (which, of course, involved glitter). We wrapped the cards in chocolate bars and had fun delivering them around on Saturday afternoon. We had a romantic dinner at What-a-Burger with our favorite little boys sharing our booth. We came back and put the boys to bed and watched Crazy Stupid Love together. A perfectly simple romantic night.

Sunday we visited another church and came home to leftover pizza. We went and looked at a 'dream' rent house that we fell in love with (only to be told later that we were the third person to apply and would  not be getting the house. Sad day. But something else better must be out there...right??).

The Sullivan's and Goodrich's came for a taco bar potluck on Sunday night. We enjoyed the yummy food and watched the SNL 40th anniversary special together. Really just a super fun night with some of our very favorites. Such a fun stage in life passing babies, changing diapers, feeding kids, and swapping survival tips and stories of our sweet little ones. Ashley and I talked about how easy it is to be together and we don't even know what time it is and everyone eventually leaves when the babies melt and we are barely awake. Those are true friends. No such thing as really over staying your welcome with friends like these.

I woke up on Monday to a sink full of dishes and I was honestly so happy to do them. A sink full of dishes that people I love ate off of and a sign of shared time together. Sappy I am sure. But so true. I am so glad to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. Our lives are so blessed.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Doug was in Dallas several days last week at a regional conference for his company. Several weeks ago he arranged a one way flight for me to Dallas and reserved a hotel room for Saturday night. The days leading up to the trip were exhausting and long. For us both. My belly was so full of butterflies as I boarded my flight. I really love that I still get that feeling about seeing Doug after so many years together. 

He picked me up from the airport and we found great mexican food. We headed down to the hotel and checked in and took a nap! The hotel was beautiful and full of so much charm. It was built in 1912!! The elevators were lined in mirrors, the furniture was old and beautiful, and it had one of the most beautiful pianos I have ever seen in the lobby. 

We headed out for dinner and literally just walked around the block and found a restaurant. That dining experience was the worst of our weekend. Not horrible. Just not very good. We headed back to the hotel and literally sat in the lobby and talked for about two hours. The atmosphere was just so calm and comfortable. We had zero interruptions! And we enjoyed people watching all the fancies going to dinner and the hilarious middle aged women walking around taking selfies with an iPad. 

We walked down to the 7-11 and got a carton of Ben and Jerry's to split and headed back to the room. We fell asleep watching House Hunters and I am pretty sure we were both asleep around 10. We slept until 9:15 am!! Praise Jesus!! We headed down to one of the hotels restaurant for breakfast. I enjoyed the Texas Scramble while Doug enjoyed a corned beef hash. We paid more for breakfast than we have in a looong time, but it all tasted so so good. 

We loaded up and started the drive back after our late breakfast. We stopped in Ikea and found a rug for the boys room and Trader Joe's for the essentials (taco seasoning, harvest grain blend, crackers, ketchup, chocolate bars, and pickles. Just to name a few). Iced coffee was also consumed on the drive home. 

Hands down the best part of the weekend were our conversations. We are right smack dab in the middle of a huge time in our family and marriage so the time to talk through these changes was much appreciated. The sleep was also extremely appreciated. Good food, extra coffee, and not having to carry a 20 pound baby around everywhere for a whole day was also enjoyed. 

We were ready to get back to our boys (especially Doug since he had been gone several extra days). We brought stuffed foxes for each boy and some tea and cookies to express a very small part of our appreciation to Karen for keeping the boys for us.

So far this has been our very most favorite weekend of the year! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

38 Months and 14 Months:

- He tries to convince me to buy strawberries every time we go to the store. He always says "they are not that expensive, mom"
- Still sucking a paci at night. Still having sleep issues so I don't think we will be taking away the one thing that helps him sleep any time soon.
- One of my favorite things is when I catch him singing "my God is so big, so strong and so mighty"
- He loves talking to Doug on the phone. In fact, anytime my phone rings he says "Dad!". Because he is pretty much the only person that calls me. I always love hearing the things Henry needs to tell him. "We got you more undershirts at the store, Dad...We saw a firetruck today...I got to play at my friends house, etc"
- He is getting so good at asking us questions. After Doug and I went out the night before Henry was helping me make breakfast in the kitchen. He asked "So, did you and Dad have a good date? Where did you go? Who did you see? What did you eat for dinner?"

 - Takes about ten steps. Claps his hands. Then falls down and army crawls off. He is just too fast crawling that I think the motivation to walk is lacking.
- Signs for more by pointing one finger into the palm of his other hand. Almost like saying, I want food right here. Right now.
- Says Dada, Mama, and Bye Bye.
- Eats anything and everything and constantly.
- Hates the car seat and diaper changes. Loves baths and snack time.
- Loves when Henry blows on his belly but really hates it when Henry holds him down and puts blankets on his head.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Doug was working Saturday morning so we brought a picnic down to his office and enjoyed lunch together. We did see Doug's boss and he did extend the invitation to come take over the lounge anytime we would like. Even during office hours. Such a nice invitation, but I don't think we will be bringing our crazy up there when more than three people might see us. Henry did ask where the high chairs were and Jack posed beautifully for one of my new favorite pictures of him.

Doug and I went out for his birthday with the Odom's. They graciously shared some gift-cards with us and paid for our dinner at Texas Roadhouse. None of us really frequent Texas Roadhouse, but let's just say hundreds of other people do! It was a crazy house. But thankfully the Odom's thought ahead and made reservations so we did not have to wait two hours to eat!! After dinner we drove downtown for drinks and dessert. It was a much more cozy fun atmosphere and sharing desserts and drinks is such a treat. But the highlight was for sure the company. Another highlight of the night was Jon writing Doug's card in front of us but then casually slipping it across the table. So happy we share a town with those two now.

Sunday we all slept until 8 in the morning. Like a whole hour and a half longer than normal. I will just let that sink in...It was a sweet gift. Our morning also included blueberry pancakes, coffee, and the Sunday paper.

I dressed Jack in an outfit for church that looked more like pajamas than a dress outfit, oh well. We visited a new church. Then headed to Karen's for a birthday lunch for Doug. We ate drip beef sandwiches and tried to keep all the sleepy boys happy and cooperating.

The only nap that happened was a short Jack nap in our bed. Boo. Something as simple as lunch at Grandmas can still throw off the whole afternoon. Someday it won't be that way.

We declined Super Bowl party invitations for a night at home. We nearly drove each other all crazy (thanks to the no naps thing). But the boys did go down for bed earlier than usual. We watched the Super Bowl together and we were so so glad that we did not really care for either team. If our team had lost like the Seahawks did we would be so sad.