Friday, January 2, 2015

The Miracle House:

We had made plans to rent my sister's house from them for a few months to help us make the transition. We had our boxes packed. Several van loads of our belongings already moved into their house. And a moving truck reserved on Saturday to move the rest of our belongings.

We got a call on Monday that due to new jobs in their life, they would be needing their house. So we were back to square one. With only days until we needed to move.

Que tears.

Doug called his mom and let her know that we would be needing to move in with her until we would be able to figure out our new plan.

Que more tears.

About ten minutes later Karen called back. She had walked down her floor at her office and was telling one of her co-workers about the news. Her co-worker perked up and quickly offered to let us live in her Dad's old house. She had been stuck paying the mortgage on the house and was up worrying that weekend about what in the world they were going to do with this house.

It was sitting empty.
We could still move in on Saturday.
The rent is (way) cheaper.
It is closer to Doug's job.
Has more space.

Que more tears. This time, tears of thankfulness and amazement of the Lord's hand in our lives.

The house is still on the market. And it could sell at anytime. So there is still some uncertainty. As I was unpacking our kitchen boxes I started to feel anxiety and worry creep in. (What if they sell the house next month? What if I have to pack all this stuff up again immediately? How can we afford to live anywhere else?) And I was immediately face to face with my ugly sin nature. I am literally standing in a miracle. Evidence of God's care and love for us and all I was doing was worrying.

Doug's aunt summed it up perfectly when she dropped off half a lemon cake to welcome us to the neighborhood, "He is not going to leave you now".

He provided miraculously for us with this house. And He will never stop taking care of us.  I think this house and this new uncertain stage of life that we have found ourselves in is just pushing us into a deeper more dependent faith. A better place to be honestly. Out of our comfort zones. And more dependent on our Creator for our every need.


Ashley said...

God is so so so good. This story gives me chills. I am so thankful for his love for the Castle family!

Benjamin and Jaime said...

Love this. Thanks for sharing this example of God's goodness and faithfulness. We love and miss the Castles!