Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Honestly this past weekend went much differently than planned. In several ways.

Doug worked Saturday morning so the boys and I joined him downtown for lunch. Jack napped way longer than expected and so by the time we got downtown we were all super hungry. We toured the new office and then headed out to find lunch. We ended up at a pretty terrible Mexican restaurant and I did not even look at the check because I knew I would be upset knowing how much we had spent on bad food.

We had a wedding Saturday night. Due to babysitting trouble Doug missed the entire ceremony but he loved me well and took me and dropped me off because he knew I was too frazzled to drive downtown by myself. He joined me in the food line at the reception. It was so fun seeing friends and the wedding was so beautiful.

Sunday we had big plans of church and fun family day together, but Jack was sick. Again. So instead of church we stayed in pretty much all day. Trying to keep a fussy Jack as happy as possible. Henry and I did sneak out for a date to Sam's to get more coffee and post-it notes for Doug.

Our weekend ended with a screaming Jack in our bed and us feeding him frozen blueberries at 10 o'clock at night. They soothed him (could all this really just be darn teeth??). He fell asleep between Doug and I in bed.

So all in all. We made it through the weekend! But I am thankful to have Doug home to help with a sick Jack. Thankful for a new office to tour. Thankful for a new marriage to celebrate.

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