Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Over the Weekend:

We had dinner with the Sullivan's and Hanna. We enjoyed catching up, bouncing C to sleep, eating cake, and talking about all the new changes for both us and the Sullivan's. We have had several big life transitions line up with them and it is pretty wonderful when that happens. Built in understanding and support. It was such a fun night that ended much later than we had imagined. But it is hard to say bye when it is just so much fun being together.

We had conies for dinner. And the kind man handed us a paper sack and said "for later". The boys were gifted two bags of animal crackers that they both inhaled on the ride home.

I let my feelings get unnecessarily hurt which led to a good/hard conversation with Doug. It ended in good tears and lots of hugs. This marriage thing is so so good. And I am reminded on a constant basis that we have a great one. And that we have to keep talking and keep working together. Especially in new seasons of life.

The weather was near perfect so we spent two days in the row at parks. Henry packed a snack for all of us and we enjoyed it by a pond. The highlight was Henry asking if he could 'get his energy out' and asked Doug to go on a jog with him. His little run with his arms swinging high by his sides and his belly peeking through his slightly too small undershirt will be a memory I hope to never forget.

We attended the traditional service at church. Like robes, hand bell special, 8 verses of a hymn, traditional. I told Doug on the way home from church that especially in the crazy, loud, hectic, constant stage of life I crave simple, quiet, and peaceful. And that is what the service on Sunday was for me. I found rest and peace. And we sang the doxology which always makes me almost cry.

We were 4/4 on Sunday naps. Success!!

Charles came and spent the night with us on Sunday. We watched football and ate pizza. He slept on our couch and claims that he slept super well despite Henry's tantrum at 5:00 am. Doug and him went out to breakfast like they would do when we lived at camp. It was such a fun time seeing him hold Jack again and just continue that precious relationship with our Charles.

We had a spontaneous sister coffee date. On the way home Emily and I decided we need to do that more. Especially now that we all live in the same city! We have to be intentional to make those times happen.

And fun bubble baths were had thanks to Aunt Beth and Uncle Greg's fun Christmas gift of bath color drops.


Benjamin and Jaime said...

It makes me so happy for y'all to see all the fun you are having together at mealtimes, on the weekends, and just all around togetherness as a family! Miss you guys!

Ashley said...

I think you guys had a pretty good weekend! I am so glad that we got to spend some time together. We were talking in the car about how thankful we are for you and Douglas. Also, I love that Henry said he needed to "get his energy out." :)