Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Weekend:

We ate hamburgers and french fries. Drank homemade root beer. And were so so so happy to all be out of the house together. This cold weather is causing quite a case of cabin fever.

Went back to camp to get one last load of our stuff. The boys went to Grandma's. So it felt like a date. A treat really because we had a few hours in the car to talk alone and not be constantly interrupted. Like every other word, constantly.

Two past summer staffers came by for a visit. Bearing a bag of homemade chex mix and big hugs. So good to catch up with them and hear about all the joys and adventures of college life. They stayed until they got a text from their mom saying "The Castles have young kids who are going to wake up early. You need to come home". We all got a good laugh out of that as one of the sisters said "Our mom is always worried we over stay our welcome". They did not for the record.

We also had pizza twice with two sets of very very great friends. Justin and Cheryl came over and braved our sick house. Then the Odom's came for frozen pizza and brownies. The kids always do an impressive amount of damage on a house. Especially four kids the ages they are. And there is always almost one child crying and/or one child being disciplined. Tis the season. It is worth the chaos. Especially when the kids crash hard at bedtime. And just doing life together, you know. (Maybe we talked about how we think that is such a silly Christian phrase. As is "love on each other".)

Cried in church on Sunday. One of those perfectly timed sermons. You know the "Don't worry about anything" message. I think I could hear that sermon several times a day.

The weekend ended with us duct taping our t.v. antenna to our kitchen wall in order to get reception to watch the Golden Globes. I told Doug as we were rigging it up that it would fall off in the middle of the night and sure enough, about 15 minutes after we got in bed we heard a crash and woke up to no NBC channel.

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