Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jack's Silly Face and Not-so-Silly Lack of Sleep:

I needed to look at this picture today. To make me smile. And remind me of all the love I have for this sweet one and my absolute favorite funny face.

Because some actual words that came out of my mouth this morning at 6:30 am while holding a screaming Jack.

"If he does not start sleeping I will end up in a home. I am going crazy."

And I had a real dream where Doug had a total meltdown and some people had to grab him and try to calm him down and I was screaming "It is all because we have not gotten any sleep lately. The boys keep us up all night" This was after I smeared lavender essential oils all over his neck in my dream. Oh my.

I know it is all the changes. Throw in teething. A weird virus that just keeps hanging around. A new house. And you get two weeks of no sleep. Except Christmas Eve when we had a real Christmas miracle and both boys slept all night. Best gift EVER!

Doug was up early this morning getting ready for work and I noticed by the time I was up the coffee pot had shut off and more than half the pot was missing. Thankfully it was still warm. And I grabbed a cup and resisted just pouring it straight into my eyeballs. Sat on the couch under lots of quilts with both boys (and Emily), drank some coffee, and watched a little Daniel Tiger.

New mercies every morning. We keep moving. And praying for health and rest. Before we know it these boys will not even be sleeping in our house at all. They will be sleeping in their own homes. That sure helps put things into perspective.

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