Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas 2014:

We had such a full and fun Christmas week celebrating with so many wonderful people and so many baby boys and toddler boys. My camera battery died after taking two pictures on Christmas morning so, Uncle Brad to the rescue! These are all from his camera.

Hope you are not tired of highlight lists. That is all I know.

So here you go..

- It was so fun watching the boys play in the light dusting of snow. Anson never really mastered the art of throwing the snowballs so he would just turn and let Henry hit him over and over. They were all having a great time. And then they went inside and warmed up with hot chocolate.
- Our super-hero lunch with Dad and Julie. Four of the boys wore costumes most of the day. We enjoyed ham sandwiches and watching the cutie boys running around saving the world.
- Gift opening and Jack's nap perfectly aligned themselves so he literally slept through the entire ordeal. He woke up groggy and joined the fun. Oblivious to what he had missed.
- Overhearing Grandma tell Henry "As soon as all these other people leave I want to spend some time with just you." Sweetest Grandma ever.
- Every time we check out at Walmart Henry plays with this little fan toy that is filled with candy. He plays with it while I unload the groceries but I always have him put it back on the shelf before we leave.  I bought one and put it in his stocking and when he reached in to see it his face broke into a huge smile and yelled "Oh my word!!". Best dollar I have ever spent.
- Listening to Henry ask Grandpa Jarl exactly how he had made the wooden reindeer toy that he gave all the great grandsons. "How did you get the eyes on?" " How did you make his antlers so tall?"
- We had a super special and relaxing girls day out where Karen absolutely spoiled us silly and bought all the girls shoes, sweaters, and lunch. It was so nice just walking around stores leisurely Laughing at dresses. Trying sweaters on over our clothes. Enjoying conversations and time without little ones in our arms or big ones needing to go potty or more milk.
- The guys went and ate sausage and listened to music. According to Doug "It was fun". That is basically all I know about their time together.
- This was the year of the slipper for us Castles. Doug and I both now have cozy toes thanks to our slippers to each other. Henry's favorite gift was his jig saw from Grandma. And Jack's favorite were the teething biscuits in his stocking. (easy to please)
- Time with Greg, Beth, Fletcher, and Clark! CA is too far away so we soak up the time when we get it. It was so sweet watching Fletcher play with the big boys and Jack and Clark spent lots of time together on the floor playing with toys.

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