Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Birthday Parties!:

We are still pretty new at this whole kids birthday party thing. It is nice that they are so young right now and don't really have super lavish plans or expectations. Something else that is super nice is combined birthday parties! I hope they never mind sharing parties.

We had special family celebrations on each of their actual birthdays. Henry and I went to Walmart and he picked out the cake with the most sprinkles. Not too surprising. He loved it. I tolerated it.

And for Jack I made a Maple Cake. It was really more like a banana bread, but you stack it on top of each other cover in icing and you have a cake!

We had a cinnamon roll party with our friends (because we are 'rolling' into year three and one!). I made cranberry orange rolls and the classic cinnamon. It was a super relaxed morning enjoying time with some of our favorite friends. The Odom's came over from Tulsa and the McKinneys, Justin, Rhett and Abe joined us from here at camp. I love that at this age too we can really just make it a fun get-together for the adults and the kids tag along and have a good time together.

Then this past Sunday we had a fun party in Tulsa with extended family. Cousin Anson has a birthday this week so we combined with him and had a grand ol' time with all the Vogts, Pop Pop and JuJi, Grandma Karen, Cousin Mindy and Seth, and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Johnson. We ate pizza, opened presents, and enjoyed cupcakes.

November was never that special of a month until we had both of our boys born in the same month. Now it will always be one of my very favorite months. It has been so special celebrating our little boys. Such wonderful blessings!

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