Monday, December 8, 2014

12 Months (ONE!!):

Oh sweet keep us on our toes and make us smile every single day.

- 21.4 pounds. 30.75 inches.
- You are still not walking. You do well with you walker and moving around the furniture but still no solo steps. Your love to climb all over everything. Including into boxes and drawers.
- You scrunch up your nose and make the funniest face. You do this most for your dad.
- You make a sound (something like 'eese') when you are hungry or thirsty. And that is about 95% of the day. You love to eat (anything really) and drink water from your cups. You consistently out-eat at every meal. It is hard to keep up with your appetite.
- You wave to strangers pretty much every time we are out in public. And wave to us when we enter the room.
- Sleep is top priority for you in the evenings. And you scream and let us know when you just want to be in bed already. That is generally around 6:30. You sleep all night and wake up around 7:00.
- You still lay your head on us to show us love and give short, fast cuddles on our shoulders throughout the day.
- You are generally a very happy and easy to entertain baby. (Can I still call you a baby even though you are one now?) You play with toys around the house and generally just like to make a whole of messes everywhere you go.
- You are not a real big fan of sitting on your bottom in the grocery cart or when we tell you not to touch things.
- You are a big fan of fake sneezes and belly kisses.
- You and Henry growl at each other and you think that is pretty funny.
- If we are on the floor you crawl up super fast and flip over onto your back and lay your head on us. Always accompanied by a big smile on your face.
- You say "Da Da" on a daily basis. Especially when Dad walks into the room.
- You generally do well in the car. Not the biggest fan of being strapped in. But once we are going you do pretty well. You also always always always take your socks off the second you are in your seat.
- Your favorite toy at Grandma's house is this little plastic knife. You stick it in your mouth and crawl around the living room. It makes us all laugh.

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