Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Phase Four:

We are smack dab in the middle of possibly the craziest season for our family to date.

First of all the Christmas season. So wonderful, yet so busy.

Then life with a three year old and a one year old is just a tad bit overwhelming day to day. So overwhelming at times I find myself frustrated if Doug goes to take a shower because that leaves me alone with the boys for 15 more minutes in a day. And being alone with both the boys is quite a challenge. They are just at the perfect ages of constant noise and needs. But also constant love and joy. These kids I tell you. They ruin (and exhaust) you, in the best way of course.

And to top it all off we are moving! Doug starts a new job the first week of January. So we are currently packing up all of our belongings. [And going back and repacking the boxes that Jack unpacks as he moves around the house.] Throw in some housing drama (where we are now moving all of our belongings into a house we have never seen in person on Saturday). And so many emotions about leaving this place we have called home for the past four years.

And we have a very crazy, hectic, emotional, fragile situation on our hands.

We have seen the Lord's hand in our plans in so many ways this past year. And we really truly do know that it is time to jump out of the comforts of camp life and move our family forward. It does not make it easy. But it is right and good knowing that we are following His leading. We are not doing this alone. And as Doug reminds me often "Nothing of huge significance happens when we are in our comfort zones" (He read that quote somewhere. Not sure who said it first).

So, Doug and I head into our fourth phase of our marriage. In looking back, each phase has been wonderful and hard for different reasons. And through each season we grow in our marriage and grow in knowing each other more. I so look forward to growing deeper in love with Doug through this next transition. I look forward to seeing him thrive in his new job. I look forward to weekends together as a family. And church. And living near Target and being able to buy good coffee at the grocery store.

We are sad to leave our house (that we brought both boys home from the hospital!), our friends and having them as neighbors, the summer staff, the creek and the woods, and watching the sunsets over top pasture. And our doctors in town. The tacos and enchiladas at the Taqueria. The kitchen staff.

But we move on and hold on tight to our relationship and memories of our time at this forever special place. And look forward to a new phase in our little family's life. It is going to be good. I just know it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Jack:

Too much Jack lately?? Perhaps. But he is just such a sweet one.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Jack's First Year:

12 Months (ONE!!):

Oh sweet keep us on our toes and make us smile every single day.

- 21.4 pounds. 30.75 inches.
- You are still not walking. You do well with you walker and moving around the furniture but still no solo steps. Your love to climb all over everything. Including into boxes and drawers.
- You scrunch up your nose and make the funniest face. You do this most for your dad.
- You make a sound (something like 'eese') when you are hungry or thirsty. And that is about 95% of the day. You love to eat (anything really) and drink water from your cups. You consistently out-eat at every meal. It is hard to keep up with your appetite.
- You wave to strangers pretty much every time we are out in public. And wave to us when we enter the room.
- Sleep is top priority for you in the evenings. And you scream and let us know when you just want to be in bed already. That is generally around 6:30. You sleep all night and wake up around 7:00.
- You still lay your head on us to show us love and give short, fast cuddles on our shoulders throughout the day.
- You are generally a very happy and easy to entertain baby. (Can I still call you a baby even though you are one now?) You play with toys around the house and generally just like to make a whole of messes everywhere you go.
- You are not a real big fan of sitting on your bottom in the grocery cart or when we tell you not to touch things.
- You are a big fan of fake sneezes and belly kisses.
- You and Henry growl at each other and you think that is pretty funny.
- If we are on the floor you crawl up super fast and flip over onto your back and lay your head on us. Always accompanied by a big smile on your face.
- You say "Da Da" on a daily basis. Especially when Dad walks into the room.
- You generally do well in the car. Not the biggest fan of being strapped in. But once we are going you do pretty well. You also always always always take your socks off the second you are in your seat.
- Your favorite toy at Grandma's house is this little plastic knife. You stick it in your mouth and crawl around the living room. It makes us all laugh.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Birthday Parties!:

We are still pretty new at this whole kids birthday party thing. It is nice that they are so young right now and don't really have super lavish plans or expectations. Something else that is super nice is combined birthday parties! I hope they never mind sharing parties.

We had special family celebrations on each of their actual birthdays. Henry and I went to Walmart and he picked out the cake with the most sprinkles. Not too surprising. He loved it. I tolerated it.

And for Jack I made a Maple Cake. It was really more like a banana bread, but you stack it on top of each other cover in icing and you have a cake!

We had a cinnamon roll party with our friends (because we are 'rolling' into year three and one!). I made cranberry orange rolls and the classic cinnamon. It was a super relaxed morning enjoying time with some of our favorite friends. The Odom's came over from Tulsa and the McKinneys, Justin, Rhett and Abe joined us from here at camp. I love that at this age too we can really just make it a fun get-together for the adults and the kids tag along and have a good time together.

Then this past Sunday we had a fun party in Tulsa with extended family. Cousin Anson has a birthday this week so we combined with him and had a grand ol' time with all the Vogts, Pop Pop and JuJi, Grandma Karen, Cousin Mindy and Seth, and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Johnson. We ate pizza, opened presents, and enjoyed cupcakes.

November was never that special of a month until we had both of our boys born in the same month. Now it will always be one of my very favorite months. It has been so special celebrating our little boys. Such wonderful blessings!