Friday, November 21, 2014


-34 pounds. 40 inches.
- You call our yard our "front back yard" every time.
- You are so aware of feelings. If we gasp, say 'o, no!', or express emotion in any way you always quickly ask..."Why you say, o, no?" You still consistently ask us how we are feeling. And you are just generally very aware of our moods and feelings. Always trying to figure out the situation.
- Bedtime is still slightly a nightmare. You don't stay in your bed and the majority of the nights you end up falling asleep at the end of the hallway. Then you always come into our room around midnight and sleep on the floor next to our bed with your little pillow and quilt that have found a permanent home next to dad's side of the bed. You tell us every night "It hurts my body to sleep".
- Favorite shows/movies: Justin Time, Wild Kratts, and Frozen
- You love all kinds of book but the consistent favorite book over the past few months has been your Disney Storybook. Dad refuses to read the Lilo and Stitch story to you because it is weird. But other than that we have read every single story in there multiple times.
- You eat so well and really don't refuse to eat anything. Daniel Tiger and his little jingle "You gotta try new foods. They might taste good" might be the main contributing factor to this. Your very favorites are the universal kids favorites: mac and cheese, hamburgers with cheese and pickles, chocolate milk and lemonade, any kind of fruit, and 'mazert' (dessert).
- You mimic us all.the.time. At it makes us laugh constantly. Like yesterday we were walking into lunch and Jack was screaming and you looked at him and said "Jackie boy. What is your story?".
- Your singing voice has become so sweet. It is still pretty monotone but it is just the best. You love to sing the Veggie Tales theme song, Jingle Bells, ABC's, and my favorite is this little jingle from your Daniel Tiger goes to bed book.
- Your favorite toys are still diggers and dozers and car and trains. And anything that goes.
- You are a great brother and you continue to call Jack, 'Jackie boy' on a regular basis. You love him, but you also already love to drive him crazy. You do this most easily by putting a blanket on his head and/or shutting the door in his face. Both bring Jack to tears.
- You like things done a certain way and get rather upset if they do not go the way you want it to. Example: you were so frustrated because you really wanted your little figurine to sit in your digger and drive. It could not bend at the knees so it could not sit on the seat and this drove you mad. It was suppose to sit down and it wouldn't. So, we searched and found a little guy that bends at the knees and got it for you for your birthday. It might be your favorite gift this year. All is right in the world of digger driving.
- I would say that you have come out of your shell over the past few months. Several of our friends and family members have made that same comment to me. You are much more outgoing and willing to talk to just about anyone. Especially when encouraged to do so. You like to perform and make people laugh.
-You are also figuring out humor and what is funny. If we are laughing you like to know what is funny and why we are laughing. You also like to do something or say something and watch our reactions to see if we think it is funny.

I could go on and on and on about you. But I will stop with those. Just know that we love you and your mind and your little heart! You bring us so much joy and we count you as one of our greatest blessings. We pray that you grow in grace and truth this year! You are so loved!!

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