Monday, November 17, 2014

In Henry's Words:

"Wild Toddler Noises"
Mom: Henry, bring it down a couple notches.
Henry: NACHOS?!? Hahahhaha

H: Are you coming home from work soon?
Doug: Yes, in just a little while.
H: Can we hang out?
Doug: Yes, of course
H: and can Mom go somewhere?

On our way to dinner at a restaurant. From the backseat
H: Don't talk loud. Don't say silly words. Stay calm.
Doug: Are you giving yourself a pep talk?
H: Yes

H: Hey, Erin
Danae: Why did you call me Erin?
H: Because I did.

H: Mom, it is so windy outside.
[huge smile on his face]
I just said Wendy's.

H: Welcome to Johnny Farms. We have 3 roosters. One is named cucumber. One is named tomato. One is named cranberry. One is named pie.

Danae: You need to put this game away first before you get another one out.
H: Okay, Miss. Bossy Pants

H: Mom, can you close the curtains so the thunder can't hear us?

I ran into Wendy's to use the bathroom on a road trip.
H: We can leave mom here. She can make food here.

H: I don't like your hair like that. I like it up. Will you put it up please?
A few minutes pass where I don't put my hair up.
H: Will you please put it up now?

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Emily Keena said...

Henry is such a brilliant boy. Keep posting these. I almost cried reading the three year old update.