Monday, November 10, 2014

Family Nature Walk:

Each season of our family we are learning new things. This season we are learning that if we are all in the house together for too many hours together we will drive each other crazy! Henry and his toddler energy is reaching new levels. The climbing, jumping, yelling, and just overall roudy-ness is reaching new heights. And then there is Jack who is fast and gets into anything and everything he can get his hands on. And when boredom sets in Henry takes it out on Jack by just following him and being a bother. Que..Jack screams because he is literally being held down by Henry's body...All that to say. We have to get out. For everyone's sanity.

So we poured a cup of coffee, grabbed a paper bag for treasures, and headed out on a family nature hike. Nothing profound, or super special. But we were all outside. And generally much happier. We found big and colorful leaves. Watched the sunset in the pasture. Ran to each hay bale. Climbed. Ran some more. And then slowly made our way back home. We stopped and looked at animal tracks and then hit the jack pot and spotted some deer in the field next to us.

We ended the night with left over chili for dinner and then we made a nature mobile out of the leaves and sticks and pine cones we found on our hike. Henry had his first taste of apple cider and decided he did not like it (is he really our kid?!?).

Thankful for the beauty all around and the ability to get outside.

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