Monday, November 3, 2014

11 Months:

Oh Jack, You are just getting better and better. Here are some fun things about month 11.

- You went from zero to five teeth within days. I kid you not. It was a rough lead up to the five poking through but that is a lot at one time so we are not holding it against you.
- You wave all the time and it is absolutely adorable. You are very social and friendly and often try to dive out of my arms to go say hi to people. Even strangers in gas stations. I think you are going to have to learn social boundaries soon, son.
- Sleep is still a little hit or miss.Cutting teeth really makes things difficult. You generally have pretty good nights. And you are a pro-napper. Generally about an hour in the morning and then a two hour nap in the afternoon.
- You eat and eat and eat. Everything still. And you are still screaming very loudly in between bites. You get really excited any time you see a piece of bread and you love crackers. You sign for "more" but it is just a really maybe you are actually just being extra friendly and telling us hi. But we think you are being a genius and signing.
- You and Henry are developing a pretty fun relationship. This month marks your first full out Henry tackle. You just lunged right on top of him and wrestled him to the ground. You both thought it was pretty fun.
- When we ask you to "do your trick" you put your hand in your mouth and make funny noises. Another funny thing you have been doing lately is laying on the ground on your back and kicking your feet up and down.
- You don't like being strapped down in your car seat, sitting still during diaper changes, or staying put in your high chair and grocery cart. So basically, you are right on course for being a super active baby boy.
- And Dad had you laughing really hard the other day because he was getting you dressed and he kept saying "how can you be wearing a 12 month shirt??" and you thought that was funny.
- If you have something in your mouth or hand you know you are not suppose to have and we see you, you crawl off super fast, laughing. Like you know exactly what you are doing.
- You get your feelings hurt pretty easily. Dad told you not to unplug the lamp in a firm voice and you sobbed. For about 10 minutes. How could he...
- This month also marks the first full melt down when Dad has left for work. He was cuddling you and holding you but had to put you down to leave. You just sobbed and crawled after him. One of those strangely sweet milestones. You really are forming a very sweet relationship with Dad.
- You are an absolute joy! We love love love watching you grow.

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