Thursday, October 2, 2014

Up's and Down's:

Remember how yesterday I was talking about how well it was going staying at home and keeping everyone entertained throughout the day. 

Well then today happened. And I have felt a bit crazy today and Henry has been talking non-stop and Jack has been fussy (teething? always...). I told Doug at one point "If we all make it through today it will be a stinkin' miracle". 

Short naps. 
Went to make cookies no brown sugar.
Spilled a bowl of three raw eggs on the floor. 

But then...

Doug took Henry to work with him!!
And Jack went back to sleep for a cat nap!!
And I made pumpkin syrup for my coffee!!
And the cookies are made now!!

And just like that I know that we will all survive. And that truly these days with a toddler and a busy baby are going to be constant up and down. Moments of clinging to any sanity that might be left but then shortly after sweet moments of quiet, blessings, and peace. 

And let's go ahead and give a big ol' shout-out to my blessed husband that is patient, kind, and caring with me on this freak out days. And then he takes his toddler son to work with him (which we all know will only make more work for Doug). 

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