Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sullivan Weekend:

A couple weekends ago we spent two nights in a row with some favorite friends. Friday night we went bowling to celebrate Eric's 30th birthday. It was a super fun night. It was made even more fun by watching the cardinals win, listening to special toasts, and being kid free. Foot loose and fancy free. 

Saturday night we left the boys again and headed to a baby shower for future baby Sullivan! Such a special time loving on this precious boy that we have all yet to meet. We enjoyed hamburgers with avocados, cupcakes, and talking in our group of guys and girls. We generally just all hang out together, but for whatever reason this time the guys were together most of the night around the tv and the girls were around the table. I am guessing the guys did not mind missing out on all the baby/childbirth/breastfeeding talk. Tis' the season of life so many of us are in. 

Such a special weekend. And Henry and Jack sure did not mind the Grandma time. And I think Grandma liked having the boys to herself for a while. It really is special and different when we are not with them.


The Real Arnolds said...

So fun! I have loved getting to know Ashley through blogging. It's amazing how my world has connected with all of you lovely people.

Amy Ann

Ashley said...

Oooh this makes me so happy. We are so blessed to have amazing friends who are willing to drive distances to spend time with us. Thanks for being a part of "our" weekend :)