Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Playing at Home:

I might get in trouble with the social media police for over sharing these pictures, but I just can't enough. And I want them in my blog book. 

Recently we have been in a good groove of being at home. We have pretty much eliminated most t.v. watching for Henry except for sometimes early in the morning he will watch a Wild Kratt's episode. We started to put the connection together that screen time was effecting Henry's ability to fall asleep at night. We still battle, but not nearly as long and he is able to fall asleep much faster. It has been a nice change of pace and it has surprised me how easy the transition has been. 

We have been filling our time with play-dough, fort building, painting and drawing, and listening to the Sesame Street spotify channel all day, every day. 

Plus we have still been having warm days so much of our afternoons and early evenings have been spent outside playing. 

And the boys really are getting to the point where they can entertain each other. (Which also means we are getting to the point where they can annoy each other) It is pretty cute watching them move around the house together. 

It has been nice to not feel like I have to be out every single day doing something to keep my sanity. It has also been neat to see how Henry likes to fill his day when sitting in front of the tv is not really something we do very much. Plus, when we do watch t.v. or a movie it is such a special treat.

Oh, I don't want you going off and thinking we have it all together over here and that we are monitoring screen time just to be perfect. It is just what we have found is working for us at the moment and so we will continue doing whatever it takes to make bedtimes easier. I can pretty much guarantee you when we have another baby the amount of t.v. viewing will dramatically increase. Each stage is different and you have to use different things to get through each stage.

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