Tuesday, October 21, 2014


- We have been building some pretty epic forts. If I am completely honest, they stress me out a tad because they make such a big mess. But after I take my chill pill we all have a good time.
- The weather has been pretty perfect. Cool in the mornings and evenings but warm enough in the day to play outside and enjoy truly fresh air. Not muggy, humid air.
- Henry and I have been sharing lots of apples and peanut butter together lately.
- Doug and I are both happy for the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
- We have had several early bedtimes over the past few weeks. They  have been good for us but I think we are both ready to not be in a constant state of mental, physical, and emotional fatigue.
- Doug and Henry were out exploring yesterday and they found six baby black rat snakes. I screamed when I saw them and then Henry told me "I was not scared, Mom. I am brave." Nothing like a toddler bringing you down a few notches.
- And this time of year just makes me want to buy lots of new clothes and a million candles. Why is that?

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