Monday, October 13, 2014

Baby Shower Weekend:

Teresa and I went to Dallas this weekend to attend a baby shower for future baby Wood. We each brought a baby along and drove down and pretty much turned around and drove home. Neither one of us took any But we had a nice time.

The baby shower was so pretty and the food hit the spot for the weary travelers. Jack ate about a million blueberries and screamed (happy screams for the most part) off and on and made lots of people laugh. He loved Aunt Trudy the best because she had a big beautiful pearl necklace, bright red lips, and lots of animated faces and voices.

The most relaxed time of the whole trip was from 7-midnight when Jack was sleeping and we got to talk, eat re-heated shower food, and drink Hansen sodas together. But then Jack decided to take a few years off my life and scream off and on for from midnight - 2 am keeping half of the house awake which even prompted a sweet text from Teresa at 1:24 am telling me "You can do this!!" (another example of how wonderfully encouraging my friends are).

And we did do it! Jack finally gave in and went to sleep.

We had a slow start and a perfectly simple breakfast and then headed out of town. We stopped at Trader Joe's and got salads for lunch and about three bags full of other fun food goodies. Food souvenirs are the best kind of souvenirs.

We joked about running out of things to talk about once we hit Muskogee, but of course that did not happen and really one of the best things was the drive talk time that Teresa and I had. It was an exhausting but rewarding trip.

Jack and I were welcomed home to a very very excited Henry who had desperately been missing his brother (first time apart for the brothers) and an incredibly clean house. Like no dishes even in the dishwasher and clean bathroom sinks clean. Doug far out weighs any expectations I have on a regular basis. He even taught Henry "When mom leaves, she comes home to a clean house". Bless his soul.

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Ashley said...

Haha I still can't believe you guys did not take any pictures! But I am so glad that it worked out so well and that it was so fun. Jack is so darn cute so hopefully that helped with the tough moments :)