Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Turtle:

Doug was walking back down to work and found this little friend. I love that instead of just walking by he stopped, picked up the turtle, and walked back home for a few minutes to show Henry. Just because he knew he would like to see the turtle. And he was (of course) right. Henry loved holding the turtle and watching him go in and out of his shell. The turtle went for his escape at one point and took off crawling. We let him go and Doug headed back to work and we went on with our afternoon. It was a fun little break in all of our days..except maybe for the turtle.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


- We have been building some pretty epic forts. If I am completely honest, they stress me out a tad because they make such a big mess. But after I take my chill pill we all have a good time.
- The weather has been pretty perfect. Cool in the mornings and evenings but warm enough in the day to play outside and enjoy truly fresh air. Not muggy, humid air.
- Henry and I have been sharing lots of apples and peanut butter together lately.
- Doug and I are both happy for the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
- We have had several early bedtimes over the past few weeks. They  have been good for us but I think we are both ready to not be in a constant state of mental, physical, and emotional fatigue.
- Doug and Henry were out exploring yesterday and they found six baby black rat snakes. I screamed when I saw them and then Henry told me "I was not scared, Mom. I am brave." Nothing like a toddler bringing you down a few notches.
- And this time of year just makes me want to buy lots of new clothes and a million candles. Why is that?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sullivan Weekend:

A couple weekends ago we spent two nights in a row with some favorite friends. Friday night we went bowling to celebrate Eric's 30th birthday. It was a super fun night. It was made even more fun by watching the cardinals win, listening to special toasts, and being kid free. Foot loose and fancy free. 

Saturday night we left the boys again and headed to a baby shower for future baby Sullivan! Such a special time loving on this precious boy that we have all yet to meet. We enjoyed hamburgers with avocados, cupcakes, and talking in our group of guys and girls. We generally just all hang out together, but for whatever reason this time the guys were together most of the night around the tv and the girls were around the table. I am guessing the guys did not mind missing out on all the baby/childbirth/breastfeeding talk. Tis' the season of life so many of us are in. 

Such a special weekend. And Henry and Jack sure did not mind the Grandma time. And I think Grandma liked having the boys to herself for a while. It really is special and different when we are not with them.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Baby Shower Weekend:

Teresa and I went to Dallas this weekend to attend a baby shower for future baby Wood. We each brought a baby along and drove down and pretty much turned around and drove home. Neither one of us took any But we had a nice time.

The baby shower was so pretty and the food hit the spot for the weary travelers. Jack ate about a million blueberries and screamed (happy screams for the most part) off and on and made lots of people laugh. He loved Aunt Trudy the best because she had a big beautiful pearl necklace, bright red lips, and lots of animated faces and voices.

The most relaxed time of the whole trip was from 7-midnight when Jack was sleeping and we got to talk, eat re-heated shower food, and drink Hansen sodas together. But then Jack decided to take a few years off my life and scream off and on for from midnight - 2 am keeping half of the house awake which even prompted a sweet text from Teresa at 1:24 am telling me "You can do this!!" (another example of how wonderfully encouraging my friends are).

And we did do it! Jack finally gave in and went to sleep.

We had a slow start and a perfectly simple breakfast and then headed out of town. We stopped at Trader Joe's and got salads for lunch and about three bags full of other fun food goodies. Food souvenirs are the best kind of souvenirs.

We joked about running out of things to talk about once we hit Muskogee, but of course that did not happen and really one of the best things was the drive talk time that Teresa and I had. It was an exhausting but rewarding trip.

Jack and I were welcomed home to a very very excited Henry who had desperately been missing his brother (first time apart for the brothers) and an incredibly clean house. Like no dishes even in the dishwasher and clean bathroom sinks clean. Doug far out weighs any expectations I have on a regular basis. He even taught Henry "When mom leaves, she comes home to a clean house". Bless his soul.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pumpkin Patch with the Odom's:

We were in Tulsa this past weekend and had lots and lots of fun. Saturday morning we headed to the pumpkin patch or as they call it "the Fall playground". They are experts at the pumpkin patch and showed us all around. We had a great time running through mazes, climbing on pumpkins, watching baby animals, and attempting to get decent pictures of small children while they are busy running and playing. Doug and Jon did pose nicely on top of the pumpkin pile for me. And the baby boys in the wagon together was almost more than I could handle.

We offered to buy Henry a pumpkin but he decided he would rather have chocolate covered peanuts. We all agreed that he made the better choice and shared the treat as we walked back to the cars.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Up's and Down's:

Remember how yesterday I was talking about how well it was going staying at home and keeping everyone entertained throughout the day. 

Well then today happened. And I have felt a bit crazy today and Henry has been talking non-stop and Jack has been fussy (teething? always...). I told Doug at one point "If we all make it through today it will be a stinkin' miracle". 

Short naps. 
Went to make cookies no brown sugar.
Spilled a bowl of three raw eggs on the floor. 

But then...

Doug took Henry to work with him!!
And Jack went back to sleep for a cat nap!!
And I made pumpkin syrup for my coffee!!
And the cookies are made now!!

And just like that I know that we will all survive. And that truly these days with a toddler and a busy baby are going to be constant up and down. Moments of clinging to any sanity that might be left but then shortly after sweet moments of quiet, blessings, and peace. 

And let's go ahead and give a big ol' shout-out to my blessed husband that is patient, kind, and caring with me on this freak out days. And then he takes his toddler son to work with him (which we all know will only make more work for Doug). 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Playing at Home:

I might get in trouble with the social media police for over sharing these pictures, but I just can't enough. And I want them in my blog book. 

Recently we have been in a good groove of being at home. We have pretty much eliminated most t.v. watching for Henry except for sometimes early in the morning he will watch a Wild Kratt's episode. We started to put the connection together that screen time was effecting Henry's ability to fall asleep at night. We still battle, but not nearly as long and he is able to fall asleep much faster. It has been a nice change of pace and it has surprised me how easy the transition has been. 

We have been filling our time with play-dough, fort building, painting and drawing, and listening to the Sesame Street spotify channel all day, every day. 

Plus we have still been having warm days so much of our afternoons and early evenings have been spent outside playing. 

And the boys really are getting to the point where they can entertain each other. (Which also means we are getting to the point where they can annoy each other) It is pretty cute watching them move around the house together. 

It has been nice to not feel like I have to be out every single day doing something to keep my sanity. It has also been neat to see how Henry likes to fill his day when sitting in front of the tv is not really something we do very much. Plus, when we do watch t.v. or a movie it is such a special treat.

Oh, I don't want you going off and thinking we have it all together over here and that we are monitoring screen time just to be perfect. It is just what we have found is working for us at the moment and so we will continue doing whatever it takes to make bedtimes easier. I can pretty much guarantee you when we have another baby the amount of t.v. viewing will dramatically increase. Each stage is different and you have to use different things to get through each stage.