Thursday, September 11, 2014


- Good ol' picture dump for you. Lots of random pictures from the past few weeks. Jack is constant. Always moving, always making noise, and always keeping us busy. It is a fun (but tiring) stage for sure. Henry is so so much fun. It has gotten so much easier to avoid fits and meltdowns and we are able to just really truly enjoy each other. He is not perfect, by any means, but he is in a good stage in life. Playing in the dirt, painting pictures, building block towers, playing with his knight hat and sword, and talking up a storm. All things toddler boys should be doing. [Also worth noting...we might be growing out of our Daniel Tiger obsession. Tear. We have moved on to Wild Krats most days.]

- Doug and I have enjoyed eating ice-cream in bed and watching Fixer Upper after a long day. The thought of this is what got me through our longest work day (possibly to date, since having two boys??). It really is the simple things.

- I have been busy reading through the Harry Potter series. I am in book 5 and having a hard time with the whiny Harry. I hear it gets better and I just have to keep pressing on. Doug is reading through a book on the Lewis and Clark expedition. Our tastes in literature are just a tad bit different.

- Other great things lately: talking to my sisters on the phone or texts, the McKinney's new baby Ellie, being given not one set but two sets of OU football tickets, and finally being able to wear jeans without having a heat stroke.

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Teresa and Nathan McKinney said...

Simply put, I love your blog and I love your family!