Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Henry Lately:

- He has been asking what time it is throughout the day. Like he has an important meeting to get to. 
- We use bribes to get him to nap during the afternoon. Such as, "After you take a good nap we can make play dough together". As soon as he wakes up I hear him down the hall say to himself "I gotta go make play dough" and he runs down the hall to get whatever bribe was promised to him. Be it, play dough, a cookie, or a million dollars. 
- Every night he tells us "It is too hard to fall asleep" during bedtime. 
- Is obsessed with ages. I get asked on a daily basis "How old is dada? How old is Jackie? How old are you?" 
- Has been bursting out of his sweet little shell. He will talk and talk and talk to most people, even strangers. Dances. Makes loud noises. And tells lots of stories (that most people don't generally understand unless we fill in the gaps). 
- Can hit a baseball without a tee! I think I was about 12 before I could do that. 
- And just for the record, I keep staring at this top picture of my sweet boy. He is amazing to me. 

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