Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Date Night:

We have been friends with the Odom's for a loooong time. (Fun Fact: We have video footage of Doug and Jon in the same elementary school musical). We went out to celebrate Jon's birthday on Friday night. We realized that this was only the second time in our friendship that we have been on a true double date. The majority of the time we spend together is spent at the Odom's house, sharing a meal, feeding our children, talking when we can, and enjoying the chaos (for the most part). As fun as our normal is, it sure was nice going out with just the four of us. It felt like a luxury.

We had dinner at The Vault and then went and listened to the Tulsa Symphony play at Guthrie Green. There were a ton of people there so we ended up sitting under the awning because the grass was all full, but we really did not mind. The music was background to our conversation anyways. We ended the evening in their living room eating brownies and ice-cream.

I know I have said it about 1.5 million times, but we have good people. And these are among some of the very best. The friendship, encouragement, love, and support they bring is more than we could ask or imagine.


Shawn Odin said...

Jon Odom here. Long time reader, first (?) time commenter. I love this blog x1000 and love Team Castle x1,000,000.

Ashley said...

Oh man, all 4 of you are so awesome. I am looking forward to spending time with you soon!