Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Lizard Hunt:

We are right in the middle of our biggest and busiest Outdoor Education weeks here at camp. Doug (and most of our staff) are working long and tiring hours teaching 300 kids about nature and science. The work hours are long on these weeks (today is looking like a 14 hour work day for Doug, yikes!!). Despite the super overtime that is put in this time of year, Doug always does a great job of making us a priority. I know he feels the pull to be a good dad/husband and be a good employee every single day. And, I really do think he (miraculously) balances it all really well.

One way he does this is by running up to the house to spend time here and there with us when he is able. He came up yesterday morning for about an hour and played baseball with Henry. Henry kept saying "I am going to play baseball with my Dad". He sounds so old and so proud of Doug when he says, "my Dad". And the most memorable moment of the time together was catching a lizard that kept crawling up our trees. Doug and Henry worked together to get the job done and Henry was brave and held the lizard all by himself. Jack just sat and smiled the entire time. He likes having Dad home as well.

I also think it is worth mentioning that Henry's "smile" is pretty awesome these days and I love seeing what he comes up with when he knows we are taking his picture.

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Ashley said...

Doug is amazing for doing a 14 hour work day, but so are you. I would have a really hard time if Eric worked 14 hours in one day and I don't even have babies. Love you, friend.