Wednesday, September 3, 2014

33 Month Henry:

- You have an incredible memory and you love to replay memories. You surprise us on a daily basis with how far back you can remember things.
- Your favorite friends are Hannah and Nathan Palmer, Watson McKinney, and Libby Odom. And you love playing with cousin Anson.
- If you are being silly and I ask you where you learned to be so silly you always say "Grandma".
- You ask to go to Tulsa on a regular basis.
- When we are watching a show and it is time to be done with it you will sometimes start to throw a fit but then I say let's pause it,  you are just fine with that. Fit ends. But you always ask that I  "pause it on". You like to see the show still on the t.v. but just paused. But the main ends!!
- Speaking of still love Daniel Tiger and have recently added Wild Krats as a favorite. Favorite movie is hands-down, Frozen.
- Bedtime is still a nightmare. You are not usually asleep until around 10:00pm. So we battle most nights to keep you in your bed. You still fall asleep at the end of the hallway on a weekly basis. Speaking of sleeping you come into our room every single night and lay on the floor by the side of our bed and sleep there for several hours. We will get it figured out one of these days.
- You have all your teeth. Praise the Great Lord on High!!
- You are a great eater. (again, Praise the Lord!!). Some favorites are cherry tomatoes, any kind of fruit but especially watermelon and berries, sandwiches and cheetos, spaghetti and meatballs, yogurt (which you call woah-gurt), and cinnamon Life. And you love any kind of dessert (which you call, ma-zert), naturally.
- You are very active and very coordinated. You ride your balance bike like a pro and like going down hills the best. You love playing t-ball and kicking a soccer ball around.
- You still love and need your paci to fall asleep. But you don't use it at all during the day anymore. And since we already struggle with getting you to sleep I am not sure when we will even attempt the permanent removal of the paci.
- I am also getting scared that you might not ever want to potty train. For example, we have a book with different stories in it one about a new baby, potty training, and going to school. You refuse to let us even read you the story about going to the potty. You get upset and insist on reading the going to school one. Oh dear.
- You are still pretty quiet and shy in unfamiliar social settings. You take it all in. And generally eventually warm up, but you really don't like talking to strangers. But you do love having people over to our house. It is comfortable and familiar. You still ask on a regular basis if the 'kitchen girls' are coming over since they came over on a weekly basis this summer.
- You have gotten very good at puzzles and your coloring is becoming increasingly more detailed and complicated.
- You call the doctor's office the doctor's shop.
- Dad is still your favorite and you say pretty much every time we drive down to camp "I like Dad."
- You told me your favorite sport is bike riding in the gym.
- You still love digging in dirt with your diggers.
- You surprise me at how well you sit and listen to books. Even long, detailed stories. You would read books as long as we read them to you. Some favorites are Pete the Cat, The House that Biff Built, Curious George, and your dictionary and encyclopedia.
- You always ask me where we got all your different articles of clothing. And you are always very proud and willing to tell most people where you got your shirt.
- You love information. And knowing how things work, what animals eat, what certain vehicles do, etc. You are constantly asking questions which we don't mind for the most part.
- You are the best big brother and just this past week I have found you and Jack playing together throughout the day more. You comfort him if he is crying in his car seat ("'s okay, Jackie. you are okay"), you like to take baths with him, and you love to crawl into his crib in the morning and play with him.
- The hard things right now: the disobedience/not listening, brushing your teeth (just open your mouth!!), transitions are still a little rough, bedtimes (just stay in your bed!!), and the 'just being two' as we say sometimes.
- The wonderful things right now: your words! you make us laugh on a daily basis and it is truly a joy to watch you learn new things on a daily basis, the cuddles after your naps and in the mornings, seeing you play with other kids, learning more and more and more about who you are, hearing you tell us that you love us, watching you be a big brother, and being able to do so much together now. You are a joy and somehow the love for you just keeps growing!!

I know I forgot probably a million things, but this is what I want to remember about 33 month old Henry today.

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