Saturday, September 27, 2014

10 Months:

- You have a new birthmark developing on your head. I did not even know this kind of thing was possible and in fact I thought something was wrong at first. But it is just an adorable birthmark.
- You wave to say Hi...sometimes.
- Still not a single tooth in your mouth.
- Sleep is not great. Lots of disruptions throughout the night. I think it has been the major growth spurt you have been going through the past few weeks.
- I got the 12 month clothes box down the other day. And they fit you perfectly.
- I say "You are a mess" about a million times a day. You plow through things, stand up in your high chair, scream when we change your diaper, like to flip upside down, and you are still putting everything in your mouth. All signs of a normal, happy, healthy, active growing boy...but still a mess.
- You give hugs and kisses...sometimes.
- Say Da-Da and Ma-Ma...sometimes.
- You have been eating so much. Each meal time I am frantically running around trying to stay two steps ahead or else you scream so loud in between bites. The other day for breakfast you had an entire yogurt, a banana, and two  pancakes. You know, a full size human amount of food.
- You pull up on everything and try to climb into the bathtub before your bath.
- You love Henry, having a block in your mouth, other babies, and fake sneezes.
- You are still very smiley.
- When you stick something in your mouth and we come to get it out you know what we are doing and you crawl off as fast as you can.
- You are deeply offended if you get in trouble for touching the wood stove, screaming, or making diaper changes unnecessarily difficult. You make the saddest face and let out a huge cry.
- When I picked you up from the nursery the other day the teacher told me you gave every kid in the class a kiss. Very sweet, really. But maybe not during cold and flu season, please.

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