Monday, September 29, 2014

Post Nap Bed and Mom Fails:

Post nap bed. It can get a little crazy. Jack always looks into our room when I get him out of his crib and wants to join Henry. This particular day, Dad was home, which makes it the best kind of nap day.

Also, last night I accidentally hit Jack in the face while trying to save my burrito from falling to the ground. Jack reached across the table and grabbed the wrapper and pulled it across the table. I grabbed the wrapper and knocked his mouth in the process. Cue: screaming baby. #momfail.

Then later that night I was putting Henry back in his bed but moved too quickly and he hit his head on the head board. Cue: screaming toddler #doublemomfail

And that ends the super interesting and exciting post for the day. Sorry, readers.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

10 Months:

- You have a new birthmark developing on your head. I did not even know this kind of thing was possible and in fact I thought something was wrong at first. But it is just an adorable birthmark.
- You wave to say Hi...sometimes.
- Still not a single tooth in your mouth.
- Sleep is not great. Lots of disruptions throughout the night. I think it has been the major growth spurt you have been going through the past few weeks.
- I got the 12 month clothes box down the other day. And they fit you perfectly.
- I say "You are a mess" about a million times a day. You plow through things, stand up in your high chair, scream when we change your diaper, like to flip upside down, and you are still putting everything in your mouth. All signs of a normal, happy, healthy, active growing boy...but still a mess.
- You give hugs and kisses...sometimes.
- Say Da-Da and Ma-Ma...sometimes.
- You have been eating so much. Each meal time I am frantically running around trying to stay two steps ahead or else you scream so loud in between bites. The other day for breakfast you had an entire yogurt, a banana, and two  pancakes. You know, a full size human amount of food.
- You pull up on everything and try to climb into the bathtub before your bath.
- You love Henry, having a block in your mouth, other babies, and fake sneezes.
- You are still very smiley.
- When you stick something in your mouth and we come to get it out you know what we are doing and you crawl off as fast as you can.
- You are deeply offended if you get in trouble for touching the wood stove, screaming, or making diaper changes unnecessarily difficult. You make the saddest face and let out a huge cry.
- When I picked you up from the nursery the other day the teacher told me you gave every kid in the class a kiss. Very sweet, really. But maybe not during cold and flu season, please.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Henry Lately:

- He has been asking what time it is throughout the day. Like he has an important meeting to get to. 
- We use bribes to get him to nap during the afternoon. Such as, "After you take a good nap we can make play dough together". As soon as he wakes up I hear him down the hall say to himself "I gotta go make play dough" and he runs down the hall to get whatever bribe was promised to him. Be it, play dough, a cookie, or a million dollars. 
- Every night he tells us "It is too hard to fall asleep" during bedtime. 
- Is obsessed with ages. I get asked on a daily basis "How old is dada? How old is Jackie? How old are you?" 
- Has been bursting out of his sweet little shell. He will talk and talk and talk to most people, even strangers. Dances. Makes loud noises. And tells lots of stories (that most people don't generally understand unless we fill in the gaps). 
- Can hit a baseball without a tee! I think I was about 12 before I could do that. 
- And just for the record, I keep staring at this top picture of my sweet boy. He is amazing to me. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Where I Try Not to Just Complain:

Well, the past two weeks have been a doozy. I don't want to go on and on about Doug's work schedule over the past several weeks, but let's just say it has been insane and I think we are all ready for a breather.

Things that have helped us all through way to many 14+ hour work days:
- Play dates!! Anytime a friend can play makes the time go by much faster.
- Coffee. Strong, black coffee in our favorite mugs.
- Jack's laugh when you snort like a pig
- Visiting Dad at work and Henry getting to help him clear tables and ride on the gator
- Cat naps on the couch
- Chocolate and cookies and any other treat

And of course these boys of ours. They add to the stress, frustration, and tiredness for sure but they also bring so so much joy, laughter and fun to this crazy life.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Football Game:

Doug got an e-mail from one of our summer staff kitchen leaders from this summer asking if he wanted two tickets to the game on Saturday. We talked about the schedule for the weekend and decided to make it happen, even though it would be crazy beans.

Doug had to work until about 2 on Saturday afternoon. We loaded the car up and headed to Norman. We dropped the boys off with Pop Pop and Ju Ji in Moore. We drove through and got dinner and headed to the Sullivan's house. We crammed food down our throats and headed to the game. We got to our seats as they kicked off the ball. Speaking of seats...they were amazing and I felt like I was at a high school game until I looked up into the stands and realized how high people were sitting above us.

The weather was perfect. Could not have been better. We got to see lots of fun staffers from this summer during half time. People left around us so we had Jeff and Quinlan come join us for the last half of the game. It was such a treat to see them. After the game we walked back and the Sullivans picked us up. They made us coffee, we chatted for two seconds, and then were on our way. (For the record: It is really really cruel to only get to spend such a short amount of time with them.)

After picking the boys up from Moore we headed back home. We stopped at McDonald's at 2:00 in the morning and ordered two cheeseburgers, fries, and a root beer to share so we could get our blood sugar up and try to put our bodies into shock to keep us awake for the rest of the drive home. We pulled into our driveway at 3:30 am.

But get this...Doug went to work at 6 in the morning. Dedication right there. And I have absolutely  no clue how in the world he worked nine hours on 2 hours of sleep. But he did and he is amazing and the game and time with friends was so worth it.

And I don't want to go and over spiritualize a football game, but friends...this was just one of those tiny reminders of how much the Lord loves His children and He knows our heart, desires, and dreams. If He knows how much we would love to go to a OU football game together He for sure knows our big life sized dreams, needs, and desires. There is so much peace in being known and loved by Him.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Football Game:

Doug took Henry to his first football game last night. They bundled up and headed into town to watch my good ol' Alma Matter play some high school football. Henry was super excited and giddy to be going on a special Henry/Dad date. Doug said he talked pretty much the entire time. Asking a lot of questions and just enjoying his time with Dad. When they got home Henry was most excited to tell me about eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate, the fireworks, and the huge inflatable helmet the players run through at the beginning of the game that had smoke coming out of it.

We already had one massive fit this morning as a result of a late bedtime last night, but I think it was worth the trouble. I overheard him telling some kids at breakfast this morning all about his special night last night.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


- Good ol' picture dump for you. Lots of random pictures from the past few weeks. Jack is constant. Always moving, always making noise, and always keeping us busy. It is a fun (but tiring) stage for sure. Henry is so so much fun. It has gotten so much easier to avoid fits and meltdowns and we are able to just really truly enjoy each other. He is not perfect, by any means, but he is in a good stage in life. Playing in the dirt, painting pictures, building block towers, playing with his knight hat and sword, and talking up a storm. All things toddler boys should be doing. [Also worth noting...we might be growing out of our Daniel Tiger obsession. Tear. We have moved on to Wild Krats most days.]

- Doug and I have enjoyed eating ice-cream in bed and watching Fixer Upper after a long day. The thought of this is what got me through our longest work day (possibly to date, since having two boys??). It really is the simple things.

- I have been busy reading through the Harry Potter series. I am in book 5 and having a hard time with the whiny Harry. I hear it gets better and I just have to keep pressing on. Doug is reading through a book on the Lewis and Clark expedition. Our tastes in literature are just a tad bit different.

- Other great things lately: talking to my sisters on the phone or texts, the McKinney's new baby Ellie, being given not one set but two sets of OU football tickets, and finally being able to wear jeans without having a heat stroke.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Lizard Hunt:

We are right in the middle of our biggest and busiest Outdoor Education weeks here at camp. Doug (and most of our staff) are working long and tiring hours teaching 300 kids about nature and science. The work hours are long on these weeks (today is looking like a 14 hour work day for Doug, yikes!!). Despite the super overtime that is put in this time of year, Doug always does a great job of making us a priority. I know he feels the pull to be a good dad/husband and be a good employee every single day. And, I really do think he (miraculously) balances it all really well.

One way he does this is by running up to the house to spend time here and there with us when he is able. He came up yesterday morning for about an hour and played baseball with Henry. Henry kept saying "I am going to play baseball with my Dad". He sounds so old and so proud of Doug when he says, "my Dad". And the most memorable moment of the time together was catching a lizard that kept crawling up our trees. Doug and Henry worked together to get the job done and Henry was brave and held the lizard all by himself. Jack just sat and smiled the entire time. He likes having Dad home as well.

I also think it is worth mentioning that Henry's "smile" is pretty awesome these days and I love seeing what he comes up with when he knows we are taking his picture.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Date Night:

We have been friends with the Odom's for a loooong time. (Fun Fact: We have video footage of Doug and Jon in the same elementary school musical). We went out to celebrate Jon's birthday on Friday night. We realized that this was only the second time in our friendship that we have been on a true double date. The majority of the time we spend together is spent at the Odom's house, sharing a meal, feeding our children, talking when we can, and enjoying the chaos (for the most part). As fun as our normal is, it sure was nice going out with just the four of us. It felt like a luxury.

We had dinner at The Vault and then went and listened to the Tulsa Symphony play at Guthrie Green. There were a ton of people there so we ended up sitting under the awning because the grass was all full, but we really did not mind. The music was background to our conversation anyways. We ended the evening in their living room eating brownies and ice-cream.

I know I have said it about 1.5 million times, but we have good people. And these are among some of the very best. The friendship, encouragement, love, and support they bring is more than we could ask or imagine.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

33 Month Henry:

- You have an incredible memory and you love to replay memories. You surprise us on a daily basis with how far back you can remember things.
- Your favorite friends are Hannah and Nathan Palmer, Watson McKinney, and Libby Odom. And you love playing with cousin Anson.
- If you are being silly and I ask you where you learned to be so silly you always say "Grandma".
- You ask to go to Tulsa on a regular basis.
- When we are watching a show and it is time to be done with it you will sometimes start to throw a fit but then I say let's pause it,  you are just fine with that. Fit ends. But you always ask that I  "pause it on". You like to see the show still on the t.v. but just paused. But the main ends!!
- Speaking of still love Daniel Tiger and have recently added Wild Krats as a favorite. Favorite movie is hands-down, Frozen.
- Bedtime is still a nightmare. You are not usually asleep until around 10:00pm. So we battle most nights to keep you in your bed. You still fall asleep at the end of the hallway on a weekly basis. Speaking of sleeping you come into our room every single night and lay on the floor by the side of our bed and sleep there for several hours. We will get it figured out one of these days.
- You have all your teeth. Praise the Great Lord on High!!
- You are a great eater. (again, Praise the Lord!!). Some favorites are cherry tomatoes, any kind of fruit but especially watermelon and berries, sandwiches and cheetos, spaghetti and meatballs, yogurt (which you call woah-gurt), and cinnamon Life. And you love any kind of dessert (which you call, ma-zert), naturally.
- You are very active and very coordinated. You ride your balance bike like a pro and like going down hills the best. You love playing t-ball and kicking a soccer ball around.
- You still love and need your paci to fall asleep. But you don't use it at all during the day anymore. And since we already struggle with getting you to sleep I am not sure when we will even attempt the permanent removal of the paci.
- I am also getting scared that you might not ever want to potty train. For example, we have a book with different stories in it one about a new baby, potty training, and going to school. You refuse to let us even read you the story about going to the potty. You get upset and insist on reading the going to school one. Oh dear.
- You are still pretty quiet and shy in unfamiliar social settings. You take it all in. And generally eventually warm up, but you really don't like talking to strangers. But you do love having people over to our house. It is comfortable and familiar. You still ask on a regular basis if the 'kitchen girls' are coming over since they came over on a weekly basis this summer.
- You have gotten very good at puzzles and your coloring is becoming increasingly more detailed and complicated.
- You call the doctor's office the doctor's shop.
- Dad is still your favorite and you say pretty much every time we drive down to camp "I like Dad."
- You told me your favorite sport is bike riding in the gym.
- You still love digging in dirt with your diggers.
- You surprise me at how well you sit and listen to books. Even long, detailed stories. You would read books as long as we read them to you. Some favorites are Pete the Cat, The House that Biff Built, Curious George, and your dictionary and encyclopedia.
- You always ask me where we got all your different articles of clothing. And you are always very proud and willing to tell most people where you got your shirt.
- You love information. And knowing how things work, what animals eat, what certain vehicles do, etc. You are constantly asking questions which we don't mind for the most part.
- You are the best big brother and just this past week I have found you and Jack playing together throughout the day more. You comfort him if he is crying in his car seat ("'s okay, Jackie. you are okay"), you like to take baths with him, and you love to crawl into his crib in the morning and play with him.
- The hard things right now: the disobedience/not listening, brushing your teeth (just open your mouth!!), transitions are still a little rough, bedtimes (just stay in your bed!!), and the 'just being two' as we say sometimes.
- The wonderful things right now: your words! you make us laugh on a daily basis and it is truly a joy to watch you learn new things on a daily basis, the cuddles after your naps and in the mornings, seeing you play with other kids, learning more and more and more about who you are, hearing you tell us that you love us, watching you be a big brother, and being able to do so much together now. You are a joy and somehow the love for you just keeps growing!!

I know I forgot probably a million things, but this is what I want to remember about 33 month old Henry today.