Thursday, August 21, 2014

Surprise Trip to Montana:

We pulled off a pretty spectacular surprise visit to my family in Montana. They all knew Emily would be driving home from her internship this summer here in OK. They did not know that we were coming with her for a whole week. There were tears, jumping, lots of screams, and a very scared Jack who was not entirely sure why everyone was freaking out.

Doug drove out and joined the fun a few days after we got there. We managed to squeeze in lots of fun things even though overall we just spent time together. Everyone was still working so we enjoyed lunch breaks when we could and time in the evenings. Pretty sure we visited almost every park in Bozeman and thrift store. We also got to go on a date which included mac and cheese in a skillet. Church on Sunday. We celebrated my birthday with family which was probably the first time in the past ten years. Went to a Potato Festival which by the time we got there they had run out of potatoes ?!? Had pizza in a park with Andrew who was in town for a few days from Pennsylvania. Went on several walks and bike rides. Sat around the fire pit outside. Watched Curious George early in the mornings. Enjoyed the perfect mountain weather.

It really was a wonderful week together. Such a great time of just joining in their life in Bozeman. Time with siblings is always wonderful. Talks with mom and dad are always refreshing. And eating so much good food in one week is always fine by me.

This is our fourth 18+ hour road trip with Henry and Jack's second. Traveling with kids is hard...but so worth it. I already loved our mini-van, but my love is at a whole new level now that I have spent four days traveling in it over the past two weeks. Thank you Lord for the beauty of a nice mini-van.

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Ashley said...

I am SO HAPPY that you got to do this! What a wonderful trip and an amazing surprise for your family! And Bozeman seems like the perfect place to actually get away (since it's so far!). Yay for mini-vans. I still hate them (because I had to drive one in HS) but I can definitely see why it would be wonderful on a trip like this!